City youth hoops league finishes Week 2
by TP staff
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The second week of the city’s Youth Hoops season brought a few surprises. The league will take a break for a couple of weeks and return to the courts Jan. 9 at Williams and Hawkins schools.

Third- and fourth-grade boys

Warriors 23, Knights 20

The Knights took their first loss in a close contest against the Warriors to put both teams at 1-1. The Warriors built a 14-8 lead at halftime, and though the Knights outscored the Warriors in the second half, it wasn’t enough to catch up. Ryan Ma scored 15 points for the Warriors, and Andrew Pilkerton and Nick Liang each added three. Brandon Gee led the Knights with 10 points, A.J. Pangaliman added five and Scotch Pangaliman pitched in four.

Cyclones 13, Blackhawks 11

After suffering a blowout loss in week one, the Cyclones bounced back with a narrow win against the Blackhawks. Bolaji Akinvemi led all scorers, tossing in nine points, and Dennis Panlilio added three in the win.

Legends 24, Celtics 12

The Legends stayed undefeated with a win over the Celtics. Drew Reddick scored 12 points for the Legends, and Grant Lasserre added four. Hayden Patzer and Tyler Ramos added three each for the Legends. Dathan Satchell was the top scorer for the Celtics with eight points, and Jacob Hink added two.

Bulls 10, Lakers 8

The Bulls pulled out a win to remain undefeated in a closely fought contest. The Lakers held a 7-6 lead at halftime, but the Bulls outscored the Lakers in the second half for the win. Nigel Wilkins led the Bulls with four points, and teammate Jacob Vails added three. The Lakers’ Lava Vakalahi scored three and Alex Gomez two.

Third- and fourth-grade girls

Lakers 17, Shooting Stars 3

The Lakers jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first quarter and kept on scoring as they moved atop the division standings as the only undefeated team. Ariel Johnson scored 14 points for the winners, and Megan Bernard chipped in three. Pearl Bautista scored two points for the Shooting Stars.

Golden Shooters 7, Lady Shooters 0

The Golden Shooters picked up a win by forfeit, as the Lady Shooters lacked the minimum number of players.

Fifth- and sixth-grade boys

Lakers 21, Blackhawks 20

The Lakers pulled out a narrow victory after entering the fourth quarter with a 16-14 lead. The Blackhawks outscored the Lakers 6-5 in the final frame, but the Lakers held on for a one-point victory. Conner Hill scored 11 for the winners, and Josh Torres added 10. The Blackhawks’ Elija Hunter scored eight points, and Dylan McLeod, Hunter Nelson and Isiah Hunter added four points each.

Nuggets 22, Defenders 16

The Defenders had a 12-10 lead at the start of the third, just before the Nuggets ran up 12 unanswered points in the period to grab the win. Mason Sheen led all scorers with 14 points for the Nuggets and Sebastian Lindain added six. Rory Flynn was high scorer for the Defenders with eight points, while Zachery McIntosh added five and Mark Stamatelaky three.

Celtics 23, Bulldogs 12

The Celtics remained undefeated as they built a 6-4 lead at halftime and then blew the game open with 17 points in the second half. Jake Hiltachk and Zachary Cortright each scored 10 points for the Celtics. Leading the Bulldogs was Lance Arguello with four points, while Koby Aphavgarath, Micholas Goulart, Austin Goulart and Justin Goulart each added two.

Heat 33, Terminators 17

The Heat remained undefeated with a win over the Terminators as they scored 22 points in the first half and never looked back. The Heat’s Nikhil Anoop scored 11 points, Keiden Johnson added 10 and Alejandro Pena, Logan Steinberger and Amal Thommil pitched in four apiece. Antonio Soto led the Terminators with 14 points and Luis Ayala added three.

Fifth- and sixth-grade girls

Grapenators 6, Fury 4

The Grapenators overcame a 2-0 halftime deficit to down the Fury. Brianna Serrato, Samantha Decker and Kiara Kendall each scored two points for the winners. Gianna Oliveri and Rian Kazakevich each scored two for the Fury.

Teal Tigers 16, All Stars 6

The Teal Tigers and the All Stars both entered this contest undefeated, and the Tigers scored 10 points in the first half on their way to the win. Bailey Broker led all scorers with eight points for the Tigers. Serena Rubio added four, and both Lacey Hineman and Amayla Salas chipped in two for the winners. Michelle Espinoza led the All Stars’ offense with four points, and Erica Conception added two.

Seventh- and eighth-grade coed

Kings 33, Warriors 25

The Kings led 12-10 at the half and turned up the offense in the second half to claim the victory. Cesar Chavez led all scorers with 22 points for the winners, while Alfredo Weigner added seven. Joshua Soto scored 10 points for the Warriors, Oliver Messier added seven, and Zach Stone pitched in four.

Abel 27, Sharks 17

Abel became the only undefeated team in the division as the team jumped out to a 10-6 first-half lead and then scored 13 points in the third quarter to break the game open. Josh Perez led the winners with nine points, Marissa Mitchell added six and Cordale Satchell scored four. The Sharks were led by Izaiah Williams’ 11 points. Makenzie Decker, Conner Pettipiece and Marcus Faasisha each scored two points for the Sharks.
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