Business on residents’ minds for election
by Anne Marie Fuller
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The race is on — speaking politically. Come fall, we will be electing a new mayor and voting on two City Council seats for Tracy, as well as seats on the Mountain House Community Services District Board of Directors and a lot more on the ballot. The filing deadline to run for council or mayor was last Friday, and there is no extension on the deadline.

Two people are vying for the position of mayor, Michael Maciel and Raymond Morelos. Our current mayor, Brent Ives, has termed out. There are four people running for council seats, including incumbents Robert Rickman and Charles Manne, along with Robert C. Tanner and Veronica Vargas.

Talk in Tracy has already begun as to what the community would like to see the candidates focus on.

“We need a better selection of businesses downtown,” Tracy resident Susan Decker suggested. “I’ve lived here 18 years and have been hearing how downtown was going to be done and it hasn’t happened. Nearby Livermore is a great example of having a good selection of businesses downtown. The city spent a lot of money on lighting and landscaping there, but they need to focus on the businesses. Also, so much closes early that it’s hard for those that commute.”

“Tracy needs to be more accommodating for new businesses, making it easier for them to come in,” Tracy resident Valerie Enes said. “They are starting to build new housing, and we need the infrastructure to continue to keep up with the new housing.”

“I would like to see candidates focus on the issues of a swimming pool that the community can use,” Michele Loomis said. “I’ve been working with the city and school district since 2005 about not having adequate facilities for the whole community. If we had a swim center, it would give the community jobs and a place to go on the hot days.”

An opinion poll on the Tracy Talks Facebook page yielded jobs as the main issue of concern. Other input included addressing an increase in neighborhood crimes, emphasizing greater government transparency, improving landscaping and park maintenance, filling empty storefronts at the outlet mall instead of building more structures and making the new animal shelter being built into a no-kill facility.

The Tracy Press will host a forum for the mayor, council and CSD board candidates later this fall. What issues do you think candidates should focus on? What are your thoughts?

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August 14, 2014
None of those concerns really make my list. I will only comment on one though. I don't see it as the role of government to try and change the types of businesses in a particular location or to fill empty storefronts. Business groups or individual business owners can take that on. The only thing govt can do to help is to get out of the way.

I am more concerned about: improving the quality of education at our schools (yes, I realize they are state run but there must be something we can do locally to improve our kid's education), reducing the cost of city services (landscaping, street lighting, etc), putting an end to this high density housing insanity, turning fluff like the animal shelter over to private groups and generally doing more to keep city government out of people's business.
August 26, 2014
agreed Sneaky...but the level of difficulty that is in place to get a business up and running IS the city's responsibility. I've heard very few positive comments from businesses past and present in this town with regards to working with the city.

unless you're Macy's of course...then they bend over backwards to give you everything on a gold platter...
August 26, 2014
If you want local government to do something about local schools (instead of state government) then I think the first order of business would be to annex Mountain House because of Kimball. If that was on the table then I could see it might make sense.

newtotracy- there are at least five animal groups but they don't have funds to build an animal shelter. Where would they get funding? And no lights? I don't get it.
August 26, 2014
Government just gets bigger until it gets into every aspect of our lives. As a business the best thing a government can do is stay out of business. Most businesses want government handouts and if they don't get bailouts they complain. Problem is those type of businesses we are better off without because they ultimately raise the taxes for other businesses. That's why it is best for government to stay out of businesses business. WalMart posted losses after obamacare

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