County supervisors condemn BDCP
by TP staff
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The San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors voted this week to publicly oppose the Bay Delta Conservation Plan — the strategy to take water upstream of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and pump it elsewhere in the state.

According to the BDCP’s media material, the plan is designed to increase the reliability of water supplies for users around the state by building twin pipelines to move fresh water from the Delta to communities that need water. The idea includes a habitat conservation plan for native fish, plants and wildlife in the Delta.

During the regular meeting of the board Tuesday, Chairman Bob Elliott, who represents Tracy and Mountain House, denounced the plan.

“It’s clear that this BDCP, this plan, is an unworkable, counterproductive and detrimental plan for the Delta,” Elliott said. “It just takes water from one part of the state and transfers it to another. It doesn’t solve our state’s water problem. In fact, it takes the best water out of the system before it passes through the Delta. So what we have is an increasingly salty, siltier Delta.”

Supervisor Ken Vogel, who represents Lodi and the eastern part of the county, said the BDCP didn’t make sense for the county or the state.

“Right now, they are struggling in Sacramento whether it should be $6 billion, $8 billion, $10 billion for a water bond that has the opportunity to create more water resources for the state,” Vogel said. “Yet they’re looking at spending $25 billion-plus for something that doesn’t create any more water and takes all that resources out of the state.”

Vice Chairman Carlos Villapudua, who represents south Stockton, was even more direct about the BDCP.

“This has always been a broken promise and engineering disaster,” he said.

A report to the supervisors by the county staff raised questions about the science of reconfiguring the largest estuary on the West Coast. The report concluded that the BDCP would have a painful impact on the $5.372 billion agriculture industry that derives from the prime farmland in the Delta.

At the end of the session, supervisors Villapudua, Vogel and Frank Ruhstaller joined Elliott to condemn the plan with a 4-0 vote. Supervisor Steve Bestolarides was not present.

The vote is not binding on the state but represents a public statement to Gov. Jerry Brown, who supports the BDCP.

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