Your Voice: Women of the Year and the new shelter
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Don’t shortchange the new shelter


I read the news today, oh boy.

I understand the city utility director is considering cutting back programs and services due to construction bids that came in above the base budget projection. The city budgeted a total of $4.5 million for the project inclding the purchase of land. $3.2 million was allocated for building the first phase of the project.

I wrote some time ago suggesting that the city consider using its land adjacent to the sports park just north of Larch Road for the shelter. As a matter of fact, they could use any of the 680 acres the city already owns there to build a shelter. Why is the city buying more land? One reason may be the city continues to negotiate for a pie-in-the-sky plan for the development of some ill-conceived, spurious concept for commercial development.

The difference between the total project budget and the cost of the physical facility is $1.3 million. If they used the land they already own, they would have enough to meet their initial budgeted expense, plus enough left over to add a doggie spa while nothing gets shortchanged.

Robert Goulart, Tracy

Women of the Year


There was a major omission in the article that appeared in the Tracy Press last week highlighting the Tracy Women’s Forum. Three women in our community were honored as Tracy Women of the Year and their names were left out. Carolyn Taylor, 83, a Tracy native, who has been a tireless volunteer all her adult life at her church and other organizations in Tracy, especially the Golden Agers at Lolly Hansen Senior Center. Lisa Encarnacion, who works with the Coalition of Tracy Citizens to Assist the Homeless. She also founded Emerson House, a sorely needed homeless shelter for men. She firmly believes that “a handout is not a hand down.” Sandra Walther, a senior at Kimball High School and dedicated volunteer at Tracy Animal Shelter. Her insightful comment, “The world has plenty of scholars. What we need are people to do the work,” gives all of us food for thought. Congratulations to you! Tracy is a better place to live because of you.

Maureen Tobin Bastedenbeck, Tracy

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April 13, 2014

While I appreciate the recognition, I would like to set the record straight. I am a senior at Millennium High School, not Kimball. And the quote was "The word has plenty of stars..."

Thank you for noticing, and pointing it out, however!

--Sandra W

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