Your Voice: Council hit neighbors head on with permit parking delay
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I am the neighborhood captain on East 12th Street. Jan. 21, we went in front of the council with facts regarding many problems on our streets due to the parents and children of Tracy High School. We were told that day that we would be issued an 18-month trial permit parking program starting in 45 days from then. We were not told that there were any changes to be discussed March 4, so we did not attend the meeting and were hit head on! Nothing has changed here since January, nothing: They still speed, litter, disturb the peace, trespass and park blocking driveways and on corners in red zones. You can give them 60 days or 60 years, it will not matter! We will not back down. We will get peace here no matter how long it takes. You can build a 10-story parking lot and they will still park out here to smoke drugs and fool around in their cars, listen to the music so loud that our homes shake, throw garbage everywhere, and speed, as well as urinate in public and on our property. Having students pick up some trash will do nothing to stop anything. It’s just wasting our time, trying to slow down to stop us. Well, it won’t. Also, school gets out at 3:02 — kids should not be hanging out in front of our homes until 5 p.m. Go home! We will only accept a guarantee of peace at this point. Come on, it’s been over 25 years of complaining. It’s time to make a change. Come on students, really, it’s only a half of a block further down to park and walk. If Tracy High is going to create parking for students, why is it a big deal that we get permits here to keep things calm and clean for residents? Now we must take things into our own hands! Shame on you using children to fight your battle! We will not be bullied by Tracy High!

Melissa Furtado, Tracy
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March 11, 2014
A District problem is a City problem. There are times when the artificial or conventionally-accepted autonomies of discrete entities must integrate for the successful resolution of conflicts.

Also, it is within our cognitive capacity to recognize our imaginations aren't constrained by the non-absolute, often contingent laws we conceive. I think property owners in every residential neighborhood ought to have preferential rights to parking in front of their properties.
March 11, 2014
March 09, 2014
Several thangs come ta mind here.

First of all is th issue of who actually owns th street, includin th curb, borderin yer property in front of yer home.

Got some bad news fer ya, it technically belongs ta th public. Why? Because it's th public not just you who pays fer it's upkeep. As such anyone with a valid drivers license with a legally registered motor vehicle in th proper weight class can park thair fer th maximum time permitted by public law, city law, county law an state law. In other words ya really got no say so as ta who parks thair an when UNLESS th City starts an maintains a parkin by permit program.

Secondly, I do agree with others that it's not only student driver/parkers that are the sole source of th problem ya describe. Ta handle that problem might I suggest workin with th PD ta see if they can come up with a plan ta catch th perpetrators of th crimes ya are complainin about.

Yes, loitering, vandalizin, litterin, speedin an excessive nuisance noise an dope smokin or drinkin in public are all crimes an crimes are normally dealt with by law enforcement.

Personally, in yer circumstance, I'd attempt ta work with th students an see whair it takes ya.

March 09, 2014

If thair’s improvement an it falls ta yer level of satisfaction that’s great. It shows that students can larn that their actions affect others an that they all, collectively, need ta take group accountability fer thair actions.

Don’t know how long ya have been putting up with th problem but it seems ta be a long time. Th tact th city gave ta defer action fer 60 days ta allow students an th school district ta come up with a solution beneficial ta both yer side an thairs, ta me ain’t a very long time ta wait an has tremendous possibilities all th way around.

Students larn ta have consideration fer others an others have some consideration of what students face taday, most of whom I personally believe are thair ta larn somethang an not just waste time in th state’s mandatory baby sittin program as so many taday believe.

If, after that time, th city takes action an decrees a parkin by permit program, they can but that means that any other legal an legitimate driver can’t park in front of yer home, including you, without a permit issued by th city. In other words, th city will then determine who gets ta park thair an who don’t. That may not sit well with ya either.

Th next way ta go might be yer school board, but it’s not without it’s own inherent problems either, but would more than likely be shouldered by th rest of th property tax payin public so it might be an easier pill ta swaller.

I believe its easy ta see th real problem lays with th school district an Tracy High specifically. It seems thair main problem is they got too many cars ta fit in thair parkin lot an they expect th local community, which includes city parkin ta be used fer city business, ta absorb an fill th need.

Ta me th simplest solution is ta build a parkin garage on th school campus. But before that th school district should step up an only allow student parkin fer valid reasons. If ya don’t have a full fledged valid drivin license, ya don’t need a parkin space. Legal age drivers, who can drive multiple students legally, should be encouraged to do so with a special parkin privilege. Again, that’s a district problem an not a city problem.

After winnowin down th need ta properly identify th problem, th district should seek a bond issue, ta be paid fer by property owners, ta elevate taxes ta pay fer a parkin structure. What it means is that th fundin fer this parkin structure, owned an operated by th public in th form of public school property/facilities, comes frum th local citizens who want it, just as does all public school/facilities currently do, regardless of State or Federal Grants who are funded by all tax payin citizens. Note: Like Mello Roos these taxes are paid ta th county as a part of yer property tax. Th city sees ta it’s collection but th monies are given over ta th schools. Just th way it works.

So, worse come ta worse, yer gonna have ta elevate yer taxes ta pay fer a public school structure necessary ta accommodate th public school student’s needs. It may cost ya a little more but it may go along way ta restoring peace ta yer community.

Th downside is that thair are still gonna be scofflaws that liter, speed, smoke dope, drink alcohol an th like an yer still gonna have ta deal with them.

Ya see, thair really ain’t no pat, cheap an satisfyin solution ta yer problem. But ya can, with a certain amount of patience an cooperation make thangs a lot better.

Wanna step up law enforcement in that area? Not a bad idea but remember, that too has ta be paid fer and ta be able ta afford it someone’s gonna have ta be taxes fer it. Now who is gonna pay ver that?

Nah, if I were ya at present I’d wait another 60 days ta see what our brilliant students come up with ta mitigate th problem. We are preparing them ta deal with real world problems as adults, well here’s thair chance and I, fer one, am willin ta give em that chance.

But I do understand yer plight an am not totally unsympathetic ta it. But I will also add that essentially ya got yerself inta yer predicament through no fault of any of th students. Why? Because unless yer really really old, which I doubt, ya moved inta yer house AFTER th school was established meanin that given th exuberance of youth in general ya should have known better if ya really value a totally quiet and peaceful ta live. One reason why I no longer reside inside City Limits but on the outskirts whair thair’s less noise an criminal activities. Even then, I know that one day, as it did fer me here in Tracy, that I will end up bein surrounded by th very thangs I don’t like by livin inside of a City. I guess that’s what ya call progress.

March 07, 2014
Melissa I read the council gave 60 days to see what the kids could do to mend the relationship with the neighborhood. Why not try being open to meeting with them over some BBQ? You need to build a bridge with them, not a wall.

As the captain you should have sat on your article a bit longer before posting because it is dripping with anger. You lost your effect in the end especially saying you are going to take things into your own hands.

March 07, 2014

First off, your comments and concerns are very hypocritical and not to mention your facts are mostly FALSE! Yes there is loitering and littering on occasion, but it's not only the driving community, it is also the several hundred students that utilize the neighborhood as a passage to walk home. So pushing the drivers two blocks away will not stop walking traffic, parents driving through to pickup, random speeders, and your common public citizen from passing through the streets. Your accusations portray you as being selfishly childish. Do not use lies and scare tactics for self gratification and personal gains. Last but not least your comment about TRACY HIGH being bullies...... Try looking at yourself in the mirror. Actions always speak louder than words dear captain!!!! What did you expect would happen? The good kids are trying to come up with a solution for the entire problem, not just yours. You will always have problematic kids who don't give an "F" and has always been the problem and will continue to be the problem, permits or not.

March 07, 2014

You are suffering from more than a bit of selective-listening.

On Jan 21, Council decided not to approve the parking permit as it was presented to them and directed Staff to prepare a new version which was subsequently presented to them on March 4th. On January 21, Council did not amend it and then vote to approve it as amended -- they sent it back to the people who wrote it and told them to bring it back later with some changes.

When the new version was published by the City Clerk in the form of a new staff report and a new resolution, as an item for discussion at the upcoming council meeting, what made you think that Council would do anything other than discuss the new version, allow public and staff input, and then decide what to do.

If I were on the Council, I would think that your decision not appear in front of them to support the new version is evidence that you really didn't care what they did. They did however pay careful attention to those who cared enough to show up and participate in the opportunity given to the public to voice their opinions.

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