Your Voice: Downtown parking for the disabled, Teachers "whining" and sportsmanship
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Disabled parking downtown


Why are there no disabled parking spaces downtown in front of some of the businesses on 10th Street and Central? Disabled people who need these spaces have to park in parking lots and walk to the business. Is there someone who can do something about this?

Dorothy Ruiz, Tracy

Teachers, stop whining


A number of Tracy Unified School District employees had a little snit at the last school board meeting about low pay for the work they do. I am an English teacher who puts in between 60 and 70 hours a week in Stockton Unified School District. I, too, work hard. However, when I sold insurance, I worked equally hard and went 10 years without a vacation. In the past, I also managed fast-food restaurants and often worked day and night for seven days at a time. I once worked at the restaurant for 30 days straight without a day off. In all my other jobs, I worked hard and lacked the job security built into government work. Many people work very hard, and most get less pay and far less job security than TUSD employees. I have known a number of these hardworking non-government employees to lose what little they have. I know many teachers and government employees are ignorant of these things, because they have never done anything else. Let me alleviate your ignorance. Right now, if you are a teacher that has been on the job for a few years, you are making about 50 percent more than the average Californian, and you are contracted for a 182-day work year. I know you have lost income these last few years to inflation, but so have many others. Go and get the best deal you can, but stop whining to a lot of hardworking people that have it much worse than us.

Scott Hurban, Tracy

Mercy is sometimes sportsmanship


I just returned from my 6½ year old grandson’s first basketball game, in which his team demolished the apparently younger and much shorter opposing team 19-0. This is ridiculous! Let’s look at the reasons for team sports. Not only do they teach specific sports skills, they can develop desirable characteristics and strengths, such as good sportsmanship. One facet of being a good sport is to play fairly. When the opposing team is so obviously more challenged, it is only fair not to play your A game. When my now-former husband was coaching, he called it “taking off the press.” When my children were playing soccer, there was a point when either their coach or the team members would take off the press and just have fun. It is always nice to win in sports; it is not necessary nor is it healthy to demolish the other team. Since another reason for team sports is the building of self-esteem and confidence, it is apparent that demolishing a team is counterproductive. I saw these disheartened boys and I was so ashamed of what our team did. Those boys have parents who love them and will spend countless hours trying to undo the damage that was done by our team, just as we would do had our team been the demolished ones. We need to remember that we are building adults here. What kind of adults do we want not just our children, but all children to become? I am hopeful that our coach will learn from this and teach the team better for the next game.

Cynthia Williams, Tracy
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November 28, 2013
Before you make comments about TUSD teachers get your facts straight. Not only did we give up buy back days, but we laid tenured teachers off! We may not have agreed to the furlough days, but teachers took a hit! There has been no cost of living increases or raises for many years! I am one of those teachers that was laid off, had to substitute, and was finally rehired.

I have worked in the private sector, and there is a HUGE difference! I was paid more, did not have to provide my own supplies in my office, felt appreciated by the president of the company I worked for, and didn't have to pay for health care that's not needed or so overpriced!

I do the job I do because I hope I make a difference with the students I teach, AND because I love it!! That's my focus! But being respected by the district office and working as a team, instead of feeling like adversaries, would be an improvement.

Please support teachers!
November 23, 2013
Re: Mercy Rule

Why must We make every child feel special and that they are the best when they clearly aren't. Why would a child strive to "be the best" and win, when everyone gets a trophy anyways and everyone is a MVP? In life there are winners and losers. The sooner we teach our children that concept the better of they will be. This " I am the best because no one will tell me I'm not" mentality will hurt their self esteem more when reality sets in that they aren't. The desire to do better comes from our inner competitiveness. If a child does not have that in them, then they shouldn't play sports or subject their teammates to their lack of inner will to do better, improve and win. As a coach of a few Tracy teams, I have been given the task by a parent to "teach" their child the sport - when the child has little or no desire to try and improve or learn the sport... Why.. Because he knows, because of earlier life lessons by his overprotective and delusional parents, no matter how hard or how little he tries, he will be rewarded with mandatory playtime, a trophy, and accolades of praise, if he doesn't get that he is devastated, Children should be taught reality not fantasy.
November 23, 2013
TUSD employees seem like they're much more concerned than whining. A teacher with a couple of years under their belt is not making 50% more than the average Californian. New teachers are up against rising medical coverage costs, union dues, and using money from their pockets because their allotment from the district is short-of-nothing. Tenured teachers DO earn more than the average Californian but Tracy teachers took a cut in their salary to boot. There is always going to be someone who is worse off than someone else but to say Tracy teachers are whining is just wrong.
November 23, 2013
Tracy teachers did not take any pay cuts. They gave up optional staff development days that allowed them to earn an extra 2.5% on top of thier contracted salary. In the lean years TEA refused to take furloughs and put the cuts on the backs of our kids in the form of larger classes and loss of programs.
November 22, 2013
I agree not having handicap parking on Tenth Street is shameful. There are spaces for motorcycles, but someone with a disability gets to walk around the block.

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