Rams crush Wolf Pack 75-8
by Bob Brownne
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St. Mary's beats West
West High senior quarterback Garrett Morris (right) is dragged down by the St. Mary’s players during a run in the homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 25 at Steve Lopez Stadium.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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The St. Mary’s Rams outmatched West High’s football team to hand West a 75-8 loss for the Wolf Pack’s homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 25, at Steve Lopez Stadium.

West coach Chris Myers said he expected the Rams (6-2, 3-0 Tri-City Athletic League) would be fast and strong and would allow the Pack (1-7, 0-3 TCAL) few opportunities to move the ball.

“(West players) knew they were outmatched coming into the game,” Myers said. “I told them that the one thing we’re going to notice is that you’re playing hard through the very end.”

St. Mary’s scored on every one of its possessions for four touchdowns in the first quarter and five in the second for a 62-0 lead and the half, with one more in the third quarter and another in the fourth.

The Rams averaged more than 16 yards per-carry on the ground for 276 yards rushing, nearly all of them in the first half. St. Mary’s also completed five of eight passes for 118 yards.

Myers said he knew the St. Mary’s team would be stacked with talent, noting that the Stockton private school draws players from all over.

“They’ve got seven players that are from Tracy, some of them who should be at West High,” Myers said.

The Rams’ defensive line crushed West in the first half, limiting the Wolf Pack offense to 28 yards on the ground. West senior quarterback Garrett Morris completed one 26-yard pass to senior John Choi in the second quarter.

The game went to a running clock in the third quarter, when West completed an 80-yard touchdown drive, with juniors Lenin Priego and Chance Wilson leading the way. Wilson scored on a 1-yard run and also ran in the 2-point conversion.

West totaled 102 yard rushing, with 51 yards on 13 carries for Wilson and 37 yards on 14 carries for Priego. Junior Alex Martinez also completed an 18-yard pass to Maxwell Aduako in the fourth quarter.

Wilson said he expected St. Mary’s to be strong and fast.

“The first half we made a few mistakes but those can be fixed,” he said. “We’re going to get better as a team and I’m going to expect some wins.”

Priego got the ball for most of West’s rushing attempts in the first half.

“You’ve just go to play with the same effort you play everybody else,” he said. “You have to find the holes and get out there.”

St. Mary’s won the sophomore game 28-21. West scored on rushing touchdowns for Christian Velasco, Marcel Dancy and Justin Velasco.

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October 30, 2013
It's pretty ridiculous that Myers says "They knew they were overmatched." Winning or coming close will not happen when the head coach has this mentality.

St. Mary's has always recruited around the region, that didn't stop Steve Lopez's teams from beating them on occasion.

This directly reflects bad coaching, Loggins or whoever is the Athletic Director right now should seriously consider making a head coaching change. A lot of coaches left the program at once, and Myers was hired instead of just being an Interim. He is clearly not ready for the job, and WHS's once proud team is sorta embarrassing now.
October 31, 2013
Always the coach , never the players??????

West has been getting blown out all year and they are playing one of the top teams in the state.

He was preparing his kids for the situation.

Maybe if kids that were supposed to go to West actually went there instead of using fake addresses or transfers or go play for St Mary's, Coach Myers or any West coach would be better.
October 28, 2013
OH! .... NO NEWS about last nights wind ? Damage ? Trees down ? Guess we won't see anything until N E X T FRIDAY ? ? ?

Then I'll have to once again ...... go downtown just to get a copy!
October 26, 2013
Regardless of skill level etc, why would a coach ever allow his team to go into a team with the negative attitude that they are overmatched! Do you think the Astros go into Yankee Stadium with an attitude that they are overmatched! Hell no, they get fired up to play a team of high caliber and possibly be the cinderella story upset. Who cares if they have 7 players that should be going to West. Those players probably wanted to play on a confident football team who have their coaches backing.

I have no ties to West or any team in Tracy, but I am a former professional athlete who doesn't believe in a negative pre-game mindset. If a coach expresses his team has no chance, how does he expect his players to put forth maximum effort. I am just sayin!. Display inner fortitude and your team will follow.

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