Reflections on Faith: For believers, the debt is paid in full
by Jim Bush / For the Tracy Press
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How many of us could honestly say, “I did my best. There is nothing more I could have done. I’m well satisfied when I’m through — every time.”

When is “enough” enough? Who calls the shots — who is the final judge?

God is. For the believer, God has the final say on all things of true value. To him, there is no quitting before the job is done — completely done.

Society says, “You did your best. Who could have tried harder? Good job!”

Could Jesus have done a better job? What might he have done better than he did? What was the price he paid to finish what he had begun?

He paid the ultimate price to save the whole sinful world from destruction — destruction from eternal death, separation from God forever. No other price coulad have satisfied. He paid it all — completely and forever.

Our cost to avoid that personal separation is to believe that the price Jesus paid was sufficient. Trusting his sacrificial death to complete the debt, to pay it in full, for all who believe.

The debt is paid. Could he have done more? No. The debt has been stamped, “Paid in full.”

To join the ranks of all who are destined to be with the Lord Jesus Christ forever in Heaven, there is but one requirement: to choose to believe that the price of Jesus Christ’s death for mankind is eternally sufficient. To believe is to be heaven-bound eternally.

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