Make way for growth
by Jon Mendelson
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Road work ahead
A tractor-trailer travels east on Grant Line Road Tuesday, April 2, on a section of the road that will be widened from MacArthur Drive to the city limits just east of Chrisman Road to accommodate expected traffic in the Northeast Industrial Area.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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City officials say a special City Council meeting set for Monday, April 8, will help Tracy be ready for the scheduled fall opening of an distribution center.

The council will be asked at 2:30 p.m. to expand two-lane Grant Line Road to four lanes from MacArthur Drive 0.8 miles east to Chrisman Road, and to six lanes from Chrisman Road 0.8 miles east to the city limits.

According to Development Services Director Andrew Malik, widening Grant Line Road is necessary to accommodate an expected traffic increase from the center, which will employ an estimated 1,000 people. Inc., the Seattle-based Internet retailer, expects to ship books and other small items from Tracy.

“When you add Amazon out there in September or October, that’s an awful lot of employees, a lot more trucks,” Malik said Wednesday, April 3. “So we want to make sure from an economic development perspective that we’re ready.”

The special meeting was called after Teichert Construction’s lowest bid of $12,125,370 to do the work was withdrawn because of a “clerical error” before the council meeting Tuesday, April 2.

Malik said city staff recommends that the council give the work to Knife River Construction, whose offer of $12,748,420 was the second lowest among six bids.

The road expansion will be paid for by development fees set aside for infrastructure in the Northeast Industrial Area, an area dedicated to industrial and commercial growth.

Malik said it was imperative to start work as soon as possible.

“We’re losing less than a week,” he said. “And if council selects the second-lowest bidder, then we’re still on schedule to have a major the road complete and open in October, with the landscaping and other things completed by the end of the year.”

Many other distribution and warehouse centers in the Northeast Industrial Area are served by the cracked, potholed stretch of Grant Line Road, with tractor-trailers rumbling back and forth between the centers and the MacArthur Drive interchange with Interstate 205.

Malik said demands on the road will only increase, as the NEIA will be less than 50 percent full, even with the addition of Amazon’s

1 million-square-foot center.

“You want to be able to show new developers, new companies, that this is the ultimate segment of roadway we’re going to phase in, and this is the timeline,” he said. “They want to see additional capacity.”

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April 08, 2013
Something needs to be done to link Lammers Rd by the new high school with Corral Hollow Rd.

It's only a matter of time before one of those kids walking along the side of the rd on lamers, shulte, or valpico gets hit by a car.
April 08, 2013
Where is the money? Tracy is not in the black and looking to have to renew the Measure E tax. Now we have to have a hurry up special meeting to spend $12 million on a road!

I'm not saying the road doesn't need repair, but if you haven't noticed the county, the state, and the federal governments are broke. I don't know about you, but when I'm broke, I don't buy high ticket items.

I know the City (and most governments) play the shell game of moving money from one account to another, but there isn't any money to be moved. It just proves again that it is not serious about living without Measure E.

Why not fix the drop off left in the recent repair of Chrisman Road at the intersection with Grantline Rd. I guess having a smooth transition from a new road to existing road was not in the specs. Great for tires and alignment.

April 06, 2013
So yes, the Gateway land is for sale for $17,500,000. I wish someone would buy it and get this thing done!

So I guess neither the school district or the city can finish the road? The road and sidewalk should have been built correctly in the first place when the school was put there! As usual everything done half-a*sed here in Tracy. Vote all incumbents out!
April 06, 2013
You might recall that Gateway was a pre-election promise from Ives two years ago; the aquatics center was a pre-election promise four years ago; and the mayor's community youth support network was a pre-election promise six years ago.

Looks like a pattern of empty campaign promises. The voters in Tracy should think twice before electing someone who is already holding office in Tracy, when they cast their vote for mayor in the next election. It is clear no one on the current council has the ability to follow through on anything they've promised.
April 05, 2013
Gateway Business park owners went Bankrupt. Sutter Hospital was planning to move to Gateway but now will wait 15 years or more to build at Gateway. Thats what happened to Lammers Road.
April 05, 2013
Great but could we get Lammers Road finished asap, please! I never see them working there anymore. What is going on?
April 05, 2013
Great! This road is in need of repair. Oh and the 1000 employees from Amazon, well, it's nice to make it sound good but the true approx. number for this mostly robotics distribution center is 350 to 400 folks. Wish the Press and our lovely City Officials would speak the truth about the true number of jobs instead of making it sound so much better than it actually is.
April 05, 2013
Is it really only going to be 350-400 new employees? Out of curiosity, where are you getting those numbers from?
April 05, 2013

In addition to what Hahahahahaha asks, do you know how many of these "new employees" Amazon will bring in from their own employee pool and how many will be true Tracy residents bidding for the 350 to 400 jobs? The number of true jobs for "Tracy residents" I fear will end up being much less then the original number first given by the City of Tracy and Amazon. I hope not, but this seems to be the way things happen in Tracy.

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