Comprehensive cleanup needed
by Tracy Press
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Officials from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the state will host an important meeting regarding a proposed environmental cleanup plan for Site 300 at 6 p.m. June 20 at Tracy Community Center.

Site 300 is the lab’s experimental test range for high explosives. Due to high levels of pollution, the area was designated a Superfund site in 1990. Twenty-three locations at Site 300 harbor contaminants, including radioactive substances.

This important meeting is the final opportunity for residents to comment on the proposed cleanup. The proposed plan allows for the most lax legally allowable cleanup standards. For example, the plan does not commit to stopping the further migration of radioactive and toxic contaminants that are moving underground along with the groundwater. Residents of Tracy, Livermore and particularly those living close to Site 300 should be alarmed by these low standards.

The Environmental Protection Agency must certify the proposed cleanup plan and the community’s input will be considered and integrated into the final, legally binding opinion. If enough residents come out and demand the lab clean up Site 300 to the utmost of its ability, the EPA has the authority to insist that the lab improve its cleanup plan. Please attend this public meeting on June 20 and ask that the Site 300 cleanup be as complete and comprehensive as possible.

Michael Stanker, Livermore

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