Police Log: North student posts bomb threat on Facebook
by TP staff
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Officers were called to North Elementary School at 8:37 a.m. on Friday, Feb. 15, for student who allegedly posted pictures of himself with a pipe bomb and rifle on Facebook.

The student has reportedly been bullied while in school and threatened to kill people. The log indicates that the principal was aware of the matter and he was “accessing the situation.”

Police are still investigating the incident, the log states.

Tracy police received 592 calls for service Friday, Feb. 15 through Monday, Feb. 18. The following is a sampling of those calls.


2:01 a.m.: Officers responded to the 200 block of West 11th Street where a resident thought someone was trying to break down a side gate at the residence. A woman was seen out front and the gate was padlocked. Police determined that she was the caller’s girlfriend.

9:48 a.m.: A 42-year-old man was arrested in the area of 10th Street and Tracy Boulevard for an outstanding warrant from the Stockton police. He was stopped after a caller reported that the man was fighting with a woman and swigging a stick at objects as he walked on the sidewalk.


12:30 a.m.: A resident said someone egged his car and asked for extra police patrols near Monique Street and Toulouse Court.

12:33 p.m.: Officers arrested a 30-year-old man for an outstanding warrant during a traffic stop on the 400 block of Palm Circle. The warrant was reportedly for vandalism and battery and he was also given a new charge for allegedly using a false identification.

7:13 p.m.: A store clerk called to report a man in his 50s, wearing a beanie and dark jeans allegedly tried to pass a fraudulent check at Home Depot at 2461 Naglee Road. The clerk said the man ran away, but he left behind the fake id and check. Police are investigating.

7:43 p.m.: Officers responded to a civil matter after a resident said he had an argument with renters of a house in front of his house on the 100 block of North C Street. He said the renters allegedly shut off his power. Police reported the renters were upset over the other tenant taking over their house after they get evicted next week. Officers had the power turned back on.

8:44 p.m.: A store clerk reported someone allegedly stole two demonstration iPads out of a display case at Walmart at 3010 West Grant Line Road.


3:02 a.m.: A hospital official said a woman left Sutter Tracy Community Hospital at 1420 North Tracy Blvd. with an intravenous still in her arm. She reportedly came back to the hospital two minutes later and was allegedly causing a disturbance.

7:04 a.m.: Officers arrested a 32-year-old man for an outstanding no bail warrant following a pedestrian stop at Galli Family Park at 2341 West Lowell Ave.

9:38 a.m.: A resident said someone stole a catalytic converter on the 3300 block of Ernest Drive.

12:58 p.m.: Officers issued a trespassing warning to two people after a resident called regarding people with metal detectors and shovels at Hirsch School at 1280 Dove Drive.

2:05 p.m.: Police arrested a 24-year-old man for allegedly disturbing the peace on the 2300 block of Babcock Lane. The arrest occurred after a family member said the man refused to leave when asked.

2:24 p.m.: A stereo was reportedly stolen out of a pickup in the parking lot of Black Bear Diner at 2351 Toste Road.

10:29 p.m.: Graffiti was found on a U-Haul in the parking lot of the Microtel Inn at 861 West Clover Road. The complainant found the tags when she returned from getting food. Officers also reportedly found graffiti on the hotel sign.


1:03 a.m.: A caller reported seeing a truck driver throwing up outside of his vehicle window on the 1900 block of West 11th Street. The caller said he thought the driver might be intoxicated, but police checked and found the driver had a medical condition.

8:43 a.m.: A resident on the 300 block of West Court reported a window was possibly shattered by a BB or pellet gun over night.

9:51 a.m.: A resident reported a man was allegedly shooting birds with a bb gun on the 400 block of Wagtail Drive. Police entered a bb gun as evidence.

3:52 p.m.: A man said someone had broken into his house on the 1300 block of Vallerand Road while he was away from the residence.

9:14 p.m.: Officers arrested a 40-year-old man for an outstanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance at JC Penny at 3100 Naglee Road.

11:58 p.m.: Officers arrested a 24-year-old woman for an outstanding warrant following a traffic stop at the Hacienda Motel at 639 W. 11th St.

• This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. Charges may have been added or dropped as of press time, and all suspects are assumed innocent until proven guilty. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.
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February 24, 2013
"He was stopped after a caller reported that the man was fighting with a woman and swigging a stick at objects as he walked on the sidewalk."

-Maybe she kicked his a** since he apparently gave up on 'swinging' and started "swigging."

"Swigging," "Swagging," "Swinging," I could see how this could get confused...

February 19, 2013
accessing: trying to gain entry, access

assessing: evaluating

which one is it?

February 19, 2013
"the principal was accessing the situation" ?

accessing or assessing?
February 19, 2013
Or why my grammar was completely messed up, LOL
February 19, 2013
I want to know how the in the hell that kid got a rifle!!!! I am SO SICK of stupid idiot parents who can't keep their guns locked up safely.
February 19, 2013
I’m starting to think that I’m the only one in town that doesn’t have a warrant out for my arrest.
February 19, 2013
You're missing out, doors17. Apparently, all of these warrants are outstanding!
February 19, 2013
The log indicates that the principal was aware of the matter and he was “accessing the situation.”

"Accessing" or "assessing"?

February 19, 2013
I agree CarpenterNewton! Did you see the line "a woman and swigging a stick"?? "swigging" or "swinging"?? You'd think a grammar school child was writing this. Maybe the Press has an edition of "Facebook spell check"..lol.
February 19, 2013
Caught that one, missed the lady Swigging the stick. Seems with technology we could do better.

Anyhow, this seems beyond the Principal assessing the situation. The boy should be with Protective Services and the parents in an interview room getting a lesson in responsible parenting.
February 20, 2013
“Swigging a stick” sounds like a polite euphemism for something she shouldn't be doing out there on the sidewalk.

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