Council roundup: Ellis vote delayed; Water rules changed; Oversight committe to be chosen
by TP staff
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Final Ellis developer agreement vote delayed

By unanimous consent on Tuesday, Feb. 5, the Tracy City Council delayed a second and final vote on an agreement with The Surland Cos., developer of the Ellis subdivision.

The accord would see Surland give the city $10 million and 16 acres that could be used to build a swim center. In exchange, the city would exempt Surland from $8.1 million in sewer and water fees and grant the developer the right to build 2,250 homes in Ellis, slated for land at the northwest corner of Corral Hollow and Linne roads.

The council put off the vote after Mark Connolly, a lawyer representing the slow-growth advocate Tracy Alliance for a Quality Community, noted that the agenda for the meeting left off an attachment describing the Ellis property.

The vote is scheduled for the council’s next regular meeting at 7 p.m. Feb. 19.

Recycled water rules embraced

The City Council unanimously approved new rules that should help the city meet goals imposed by the state to reduce water use.

As of 2020, it will be against city code to use untreated surface water — such as the water flowing in Old River north of Tracy — for landscape irrigation.

Public Works Deputy Director Steve Bayley told the council the action is a significant step toward meeting the mandate of Senate Bill 7, which was passed in 2009 and requires cities in California to use 20 percent less potable water per year by 2020.

Untreated surface water would be counted against Tracy’s water-use total under SB 7, but recycled water would not, Bayley said. Recycled water, Bayley’s staff report explained, is wastewater that has been treated so it is safe for use but not up to drinking water standards.

Two to interview oversight candidates

Mayor Pro Tem Michael Maciel volunteered to serve on a council subcommittee interviewing candidates to serve on the citizens oversight board for Measure E — the half-cent sales tax approved by Tracy voters in 2010.

Councilwoman Nancy Young was recommended for the subcommittee by Mayor Brent Ives.

The terms of board members Larry Hite and David Ciesco are ending, and whoever is appointed by the City Council will serve until the tax expires in 2016.

The terms of committee members Arch Bakerink, Robert Tanner and George Riddle expire in 2014.

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At a glance

• WHAT: Tracy City Council regular meeting

• WHEN: 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5

• WHERE: City Hall, 333 Civic Center Plaza

• DETAILS: Mayor Brent Ives, Mayor Pro Tem Michael Maciel and council members Charles Manne, Robert Rickman and Nancy Young were all present.
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February 08, 2013
I am relieved that there is someone, Mark Connolly, who is watching over the goings-on with the Ellis project. I don't know the workings of this deal but if the city receives 16 acres and $10 million who pays the $8.1 million exemption that Surland won't be paying? Does this mean that the city will, in essence, have to pay the $8.1 million in sewer and water from the $10 million it receives from Surland? If so, then the city only has $1.9 million to construct a water park. Is this correct?
February 08, 2013
Seems the City can't do anything right the first time. I admire Mark Connolly and the job he is doing as a watch dog on Surland and Tracy Hills and amoang other things, their impact on our Tracy Airport. Sounds like we get only $2 million net and Surland gets RGA's up the ying yang and with Tracy Hills, no other developer gets anything for maybe 25 years ?????

Also, sorry to see Bakerink, Tanner and Riddle off the Measure E.

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