Police Log: Woman robbed at knifepoint
by TP staff
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A woman reported being robbed by two men as she walked on North Tracy Boulevard on the night of Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Employees at Burger King, 3220 N. Tracy Blvd., called police at 8:20 p.m. to report that a woman had entered the business screaming that she was just robbed.

The victim told officers that she was walking in front of an apartment building when a black man and Latino man stole the gold chain around her neck, her cellphone, $1,050 in an undisclosed money form and $3 in cash.

She suffered scratches to her face during the robbery. One man had a knife, according to the victim.

Both men were described by the victim as 18 to 20 years old and wearing hooded sweatshirts that covered their faces. They were last seen running south on Tracy Boulevard.

Police detained two men a short time later, but, the victim did not identify them as the suspects.

A report was taken by officers.

Tracy police received 145 calls for service Tuesday, Jan. 29. The following is a sample of those reports.

12:39 a.m.: Extra patrols were requested on the 100 block of Manzanita Lane, where a woman reportedly heard knocking on her window. The woman’s roommate also called to report noises. No one was in the area when officers checked the block.

3:10 a.m.: Police issued a trespassing warning to a man who was allegedly sleeping on the floor in the dining room of Nation’s, 3574 N. Tracy Blvd. The manager had the man banned from the business for life.

10:06 a.m.: A woman on the 200 block of West Clover Road reported that her 15-year-old stepdaughter was pregnant by a man who was reportedly 23 years old. The man allegedly told the girl that he was 17 years old. Officers took a report for rape.

2:18 p.m.: A student of West High School, 1775 W. Lowell Ave., was taken to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital for pain in his abdomen resulting from a fight at the school. The student was reportedly punched in the stomach, mouth and head. The complainant called the school to report the injuries, but nothing was done because it was a mutual fight with another student, the log states. No report was taken.

3:16 p.m.: Three teenagers who looked to ne 17 or 18 years old were asked to leave Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, 2431 Naglee Road, for allegedly rolling marijuana cigarettes on a table. The teens allegedly became rude with the manager and employees when asked to leave. They also reportedly yelled at customers and were “carrying (a) large amount of marijuana on them,” the log states. Officers were unable to locate the teens, who were last seen riding bicycles away from the business before police arrived.

• This column includes a sample of items as reported in the Tracy Police Department dispatcher’s daily log. Additional information is based on reports from officers and other law enforcement agencies. All those arrested are assumed innocent until proven guilty, and charges may have been dropped or added as of publication. To report information anonymously about a crime: Crime Stoppers, 831-6847.

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January 31, 2013
"... $1,050 in an undisclosed money form..."

Nothing suspicious there.

Who in the hell walks down Tracy Blvd, at night, with $1,050 on them?

January 31, 2013
Well i got robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight on 11th street about a year ago and they caught the guy. They are police not magicians and do a good job for the most part in my opinion.
January 31, 2013
Tracy PD could not catch a cold, much less stop crime.

Bring in the national guard, and get some real men to defend the Tracy streets.

We got nothing but Barney Fifes on the Tracy PD.
January 31, 2013
In all fairness, I'd probably be just as bitter as you if all the residents of Tracy looked down on me the same way they do you.

Clean yourself up a bit, put down the Big Mac, try a little bit of exercise, get an education and maybe even apply for a job, see a professional about your obvious self-loathing and your severe "little man" syndrome, and then maybe you can rise up in social status and finally attain the respect of these "rednecks" you so badly crave.

You'll never have acceptance from your neighbors if you never recognize and accept yourself for what you are. If Tracy is a joke of a town, you're the clown shoes. But you don't have to be, ChrisRoberts. You don't have to be.
February 01, 2013
The National Guard Chris? Who do you think make up these so called by you "real men" are formed from. They're you local Barney Fifes. That's right. 80% of out National Guards men and women are Peace Officers, Probation Officers, CDCR Guards and Fire personnel.

What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!

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