Your Voice: Unfair appointment process
by Linda Jimenez, Tracy
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With the exception of Councilwoman Nancy Young, the Tracy City Council has again blatantly disregarded the community’s majority vote in our recent election by not appointing Ray Morelos to the council. This is the second occurrence in which the council has overridden the majority in order to seat the person of their choice and not the candidate residents overwhelming voted to represent us in city government.   

Candidate Mike Maciel was the third top vote-getter in his initial race in 2006 and did not receive appointment to the council. Instead, another applicant was selected. This action was wrong then, and it is wrong today. 

Unlike the actions of the Tracy City Council, our neighbor Lathrop has consistently executed due diligence in appointing the third top vote-getter to the Lathrop City Council. Paul Akinjo, the third top vote-getter there, was appointed to the Lathrop City Council to the seat vacated by Sonny Dhaliwal, who was elected to serve as mayor. The Lathrop council has seated the third vote-getter not only in December 2012, but also in December 2006, February 2006, December 2002 and January 1997. Although Lathrop is not Tracy, it remains the politically correct action to follow, given the majority vote in an election.

My remarks are not intended to be disrespectful or bitter towards Charles Manne, who was appointed this week. In fact, I personally told Mr. Manne at a December 2012 council meeting, “If you had been the third top vote-getter, I would be supporting you to be seated.”

This is the honest and fair appointment process to follow in accordance with the majority vote by Tracy residents.

The action of allowing the council to select who they want and not abide by the community’s majority vote must end now. 

Kudos to Mrs. Young for her commitment to represent our community in a professional, fair manner. She is truly “the fresh voice of reason” on the council.

• Editor’s note: Charles Manne was appointed to the City Council by a 3-1 vote Tuesday, Jan. 15. For the full story, see Page 2.
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January 24, 2013
I truley wish Bob Rickman had held on to his beleifs & judgement rather than find an excuse about "it's for the good of the city". You let down the voters by not standing for their choice. Now Mann is going to be loyal to Maciel & Ives and you are not the swing vote any more. What were you thinking?
January 20, 2013
We lucked out with Steve Abercrombe, but then, he was easier to accept because he was so much more known already for his background and credibilty.

Maciel had not yet been enshrined.

Manne was shoved in because Maciel and Ives had some very personal reasons for not wanting Ray Morelos...and I would like to know what they are. Developers? What? We citizens know of Morelos's contributions and what he stands for.

Manne is still unknown to most of us and we will pay dearly if he joins rank with the bullies. Sorry Rickman, many of us would prefer paying the $250K than accepting Maciel and Ives's bully pit.
January 24, 2013
What possible legitimate rationale can there be for not selecting the voter's choice?
January 18, 2013
To whom it may concern. This is not the first time someone was appointed. The appointment process is separate from the election. If you voted for him that is one thing. And fine. But not everybody voted the same way you did. Please consider you are not the only one.

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