Judge upholds $1M bail for shooting suspect
by Denise Ellen Rizzo
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STOCKTON — A San Joaquin County Superior Court judge on Thursday, Nov. 15,

denied a bail reduction request for a 16-year-old Lathrop boy accused of shooting another teenager on Mars Court in October.

Ka’ron Hudson is charged with assault with a firearm, use of a firearm in commission of a felony and an enhancement of inflicting great bodily injury.

Judge Richard Guiliani denied a request by Hudson’s family-hired attorney, Joel Carash, to reduce his client’s bail from $1 million to $150,000.

Carash told Guiliani that Hudson’s parents and a grandparent were present in the courtroom and that Hudson would stay with them if they were able to post the reduced bail that Carash proposed.

He said Hudson was not a flight risk, had no convictions and was on track to graduate from high school.

Deputy District Attorney Ron Indran said he would like the bail to remain at

$1 million because Hudson is accused of firing four or five shots into a crowd of people, striking a 17-year-old boy in the back of the right shoulder.

Indran said it was also his intention to charge Hudson with three more counts of assault with a firearm.

Guiliani denied Carash’s request, stating that his client had a disregard for public safety.

“It’s a miracle he didn’t kill anybody,” said Guiliani, who noted that Hudson could have faced multiple murder charges.

According to police, Hudson allegedly fired three to six shots into a crowd of people after two groups of men began arguing outside a sweet-16 birthday party at 3502 Mars Court, Ste. 141, at about 11 p.m. Oct. 13.

The victim was taken to Sutter Tracy Community Hospital the night of the shooting and was released a few days later, expected to make a full recovery.

Carash’s request for a case continuance was granted and scheduled at 2 p.m. Dec. 6

in Department 36 at the Stockton courthouse. Hudson remains in San Joaquin County Juvenile Hall in French Camp.

Hudson’s family members gathered outside the courtroom and declined to make a statement.

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November 16, 2012
Thanks very much to the judge and DA for maintaining an appropriate level of bail and anticipated punishment for this thug and all others like him. Its clear that his parents are a little confused about the seriousness of the multiple felonys committed by their beloved thug. During the judicial process and long term incarceration this little punk is likely to receive, maybe his parents will be able to reflect on their failure and incompetence in raising this punk to be just another burden to taxpayers and society
November 16, 2012
I am thankful the judge is not reducing the bail amount. I understand the parents have hired a lawyer and are doing all they can., but what If their son took my sons life that night. They argue their son  is on track to graduate and get on with his life. My son although is working on recovering from his wounds both physically and mentally to attempt to get back to a normal life. At anytime we can't disregard the what ifs. We also need to focus on the facts, he shot my son. He picked up a fire arm and caused bodily harm. His consequences will be no where near the consequences my son has from this, again physical and mental consequences for the rest of his life. The whole family is effected, brothers, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and friends. The family argues he's on track to graduate, well my son had no use of his arm for the last month, he's now off track and will be having to attempt to caught up. The shooter can stay on track attending school in jail. I'm a Forgiving person although right now I'm not ready for that. I'm only sorry for the parents who did loose their son that night, and that is the shooters parents, his actions will also effect them for the rest of their life's. I pray that the judicial system continues to not reduce bails or consequences as we have to let it none known to people who comment violent crimes that there will be consequences. 

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