Your Voice: Ideal animal shelter location
by Robert Goulart, Tracy
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I read with interest Tracy Finance Director Zane Johnston’s comments regarding putting a new animal shelter as a top priority for the city of Tracy, (“New shelter a top capital project priority,” Page 2, April 5). I am hoping the city will give consideration to building the new facility near the new sports center being built north of Larch Road.

There is a planned green area between the homes on Larch Road and the new sports facility, with plans to put in walking and bicycle paths with exercise stations. This area will include a pond that is being incorporated into the green area to hold runoff from the playing fields.

The city has already started grading the green area with plans to provide the substructure utilities.

Using the land the city already owns, some 680 acres, to build a new animal shelter in the green zone or north of the playing fields, the city could tap into the existing water and electrical utilities.

With the increased number of people using the complex, its proximity to the animal shelter would increase foot traffic to and awareness of the shelter. And, if a good dog run were to be included in this plan, I think all aspects of the development would benefit and become an active, user-friendly area to the city of Tracy.

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April 24, 2012
Thank you for your comments. A City the size of Tracy certainly should have a decent animal shelter. We can certainly spend a lot of money on beautifying the entrance to Tracy for travellers....and a 6th street roundabout to downtown... common. Isn't the humane treatment of our discarded animals of more real importance.

A good start at the Holly site seems appropriate since the City land there is paid for. Howbout a community fund raising to kick things off????

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