TILTED WINDMILLS: Good health starts with deprivation
by Mike McLellan / Submitted to the Tracy Press
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Long life takes more than good luck. But good luck helps.

Did you get through the season without getting the flu? It was a world of medical land mines out there. Influenza was on everyone’s lips — if not in their noses and throats.

Had I known about the advent of this remarkably bad season, I would have invested heavily in hand sanitizer. Everywhere you went, there were jugs of it. You did not touch the front door, the shopping cart or your spouse without it. We legally put alcohol in the hands of children.

Personally, our family got the vaccines and only caught colds. We did, however, get dry skin from washing our hands.

Wanting to be sick (Munchausen’s) is a disease in itself, so most of us do what we can to stay well. We down our vitamins, eat well, try to rest, take home remedies and go to a doctor if prevention doesn’t work. Of course, going to the doctor doesn’t work, either, as nothing much can be done for a virus.

As I rattle off my symptoms

to my physician, I likely already know what I have. I just want to know that I am right and that it is not something worse. I want sympathy.

Who am I kidding? I actually want magic.

Even if it is the flu, we are left with plenty of fluids and the old standbys of aspirin, Tylenol or Motrin.

There is also grandma’s honey mixed with vinegar and Jack Daniels. It really works. You are either cured, or you no longer care.

One supposes that being terrified by our government medicos is all right in the long run. We get worked up and take steps to keep ourselves well — we are often not good at that on our own.

So, here is the suggestion: Learn what is good for you, and stick with it. Honestly, yogurt and spinach have been found to be less harmful than beer and potato chips. Sure, you cannot get a buzz from yogurt, but you can get to another birthday.

• Mike McLellan can be contacted by emailing him at DrMikeM@sbcglobal.net.
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March 23, 2012
I'm now craving a yogurt, spinach, beer and potato chip smoothie. ;-)

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