OUR VOICE: A little thanks for living in Tracy
by Press Editorial Board
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Be thankful you live in Tracy, at least for today.

The city’s midyear budget report issued Tuesday showed a town doing a reasonable job of weathering the worst fiscal storm in the past half-century.

Sure, there are problems.

City savings are on pace to fall $300,000 short of budget estimates. The rural component of the area’s south county fire protection district is also short of money. Labor costs continue to pose an issue for the city’s financial strength going forward. Gang violence still shatters the peace far too often. And another battle over the city’s future expansion looms.

But these are issues that aren’t yet too far gone. They can be dealt with, and City Hall has taken steps toward addressing them.

That might not seem like great shakes, but take a look to the county seat for a little perspective. Next week, Stockton’s City Council is expected to discuss the first step toward that city’s bankruptcy.

Filing bankruptcy would give Stockton the chance to climb out from underneath employee contracts that city leaders say are untenable, but it could also cost the city big-time in terms of lawyer fees and credibility.

Tracy might have problems, but Chapter 9 isn’t one of them.
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