OUR VOICE: A round of Valentine’s bouquets
by Press Editorial Board
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In honor of this year’s Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing back our barbs and bouquets, and handing them out to a few deserving parties.

Bouquet: A special Valentine’s gift for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal majority, who saw Proposition 8 for what it was: a blatant effort to “lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California.” It’s a major step to protecting full-fledged equality under the law. We expect the ruling will be appealed, but we hope to bestow a similar bouquet on the Supreme Court in the near future.

Barb: To our fellow Californians, who by more than a 3-to-1 margin have no idea what the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta is, according to a recent statewide survey. For their information, it’s only the largest estuary on the North American West Coast, California’s most extensive river system and the source of water for more than 25 million people and countless acres of farmland. No wonder defending the lifeblood of San Joaquin County farmers seems like an uphill battle.

Bouquet: West High School senior Leilani Camarillo earns a kudos for starting a petition drive at Tracy Unified School District high schools in an effort to overturn a new district policy limiting graduation guests to six people per student. While we don’t necessarily agree with the merits of Camarillo’s petition (see below), we definitely agree with the spirit of her campaign. Instead of simply complaining about a perceived injustice, Camarillo decided to work within the system to do something about it. A lot of adults could stand to learn something from this teenager. Bonus bouquets to Kimball High’s Jennifer Hamilton and Tracy High’s Muhammad Khalid and Jose Murillo for being the captains of the petition drive at their respective high schools.

Bouquet: To the Tracy Unified trustees, for instituting the six-ticket graduation policy. Anyone who had visited recent graduations — especially West High’s 2011 event — could see that overcrowding was a potentially dangerous problem. The unanimous decision might prove unpopular for some students and their families, but it was the right call when it comes to public safety.

Bouquet: One more bushel of roses for anyone involved with a recent yard sale fundraiser for Sherely Villagomez, a young Tracyite battling a rare form of cancer. Volunteers brought in more than $9,000 to help the girl’s family, proving once again that Tracy is a community with a heart of gold.
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February 17, 2012
Well wishes to Sherely Villagomez and kudos to everyone that has helped in raising funds for her and her family. There is hope for humanity so long as people such as yourselves are among us.
February 12, 2012
I have been reading the comment sections for some time now and I think tommybahama is a retired Hayward cop. It explains why he has a hardon for everyone from Tracy but is pals to people from Hayward. It would also explain the recent snowball effort against Janet and who was helping to roll her out of town. Shame on the local paper for taking part in the tit for tat. Barbs to you. You still haven't learned how to be a fair and unbiased newspaper.
February 11, 2012
"for what it was: a blatant effort to “lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California.”

Read more: Tracy Press - OUR VOICE A round of Valentine’s bouquets"


So, likewise, should we see the Tracy Press for what it really is, a political special interest group trying to get Steve elected by printing his name every week while self serving the gay liberal agenda to an unsuspecting community while aka a disingenuous, blatant, political power grab, to play judge and jury over the community, which is cleverly disguised as a 'good samaritan'?
February 12, 2012
Your comment also fits your special interests ONEBIDPAC. All you have to do is change the names:

"So, likewise, should we see the "Big Three" (Surland, Souza and Pombo) for they really are, a political special interest groups trying to get brent "king" ives, mike "pockets" maciel, and bob "where am I" elliott elected by printing their names, letters to the editor and campaign platforms every week while self serving the out of touch agenda of Tracy's "incompetent city manager and staff" to an unsuspecting community while aka a disingenuous, blatant, political power grab, to play judge and jury over the community, which is cleverly disguised as 'concern for the future of Tracy and its residents'?

should we see the "Big Three" as mayor "king" ives, councilman "pockets" maciel's, and bob "where am I" elliott as special interest groups trying to get themselves re-elected by allowing them to run roughshod over Tracy while as two big
February 12, 2012
I see that tommybahama is espousing the same boneheaded mantra of Tracy Regional Alliance for Quality Crackhouses
February 14, 2012

Are you saying Steve is disingenuous, and cleverly disguised as a "good samaritan?"

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