Your Voice: The troubles of Grant Line Road
by Matthew Reeves, Tracy
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Are trains in the Tracy Transit Station’s future? That’s a good question. It was a headline in last week’s Tracy Press.

Before we begin to worry about rails, we should worry about another project that has been in the works for years now, with no end in sight. Yes, I’m talking about Grant Line Road!

Does it seem like a decade since roadwork began on Grant Line? It sure feels like a decade, and no real progress ever seems to be made. It seems the crew vanishes, and when you look, not much seems to have been done. The road is definitely not any better — the sidewalks are not completed, and the mess is always there, day in day out, now, year after year.

If anyone is looking for work, this is your best bet. Talk about job security! The way things are going on Grant Line, many of the workers will retire before construction is complete. In the meantime, the residents of Tracy have their vehicles rattled to pieces on this road

What kind of timeline is the crew on? Is there one? Was a deadline given? Does a deadline exist?

Those seated in office in Tracy have allowed this to continue for some time. It appears they don’t find a problem with Grant Line Road — it must be because they only drive on a road that was torn out, to the dirt, and replaced in front of City Hall. Does anyone in the great new City Hall drive in northern Tracy? Give it a try!

Grant Line Road was better the way it was, rather than ripping it apart for what is looking like a seven-year project. I question the order of the things being done in this city and the urgency of projects that get a green light by City Hall.

Disgust should be the only response by the public, but just like big government, we’re too busy to take notice, and we’ll drive around Grant Line Road, no matter how expensive gas gets. Don’t worry — in a couple of years, gas will be $14 a gallon and officials will be the only ones driving. It’s all good, it’s on your dime — doomed.

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April 27, 2011
Yes as a matter of fact they did ask. When they discovered that only th people who use Greyhound are th ones that live next ta thair bus stops, in order ta increase thair business an make it inconvenient fer ya they decided ta move th stop ta th center of town so they could inconvenience th complainers over thair.

Glad ta be of help for ya an sorry ya missed thair call an didn't get asked.

An by th way, April ain't over yet, thair's still 3 three more days.

Who knows, perhaps we can have a utility failure ta make it look like th airstrip in DaNang back in 1975. Now that is what a war zone looks like.

Anyone out thair old enough ta remember when most urban roads were still dirt? An ta thank we can't endure some construction ta make our roads an underground utilities better an safer.

April 26, 2011
OK it's the end of April and no pavement on Grantline Road. Plus it still looks like a war zone. Will it ever be a smoothly paved surface like it was for such a brief time before the latest round of improvements?

Also, it makes no sense to move the Greyhound Stand to the Tracy Transit center if most of the riders are local to the current stop. Did anyone ask?
March 30, 2011
I'd rather they take the time to do GrantLine right. Don't they have gas lines under that road?
March 18, 2011
That's city government for you. The city engineer not following up on projects. The city manager and development services director continue to cover for him and the citizens continue to suffer at the hands of poor management. Might I add the city attorney didn't do a very good job of drafting the contract either.

That's city government for you.
March 18, 2011
I was traveling Grant Line slowly the other day (of course) and saw a "Your Tax Dollars at Work sign " that seemed to indicate a completion date in 2010. The writer who made the rude and uncalled for comment obviously has a vested interest in this boondoggle. The project has been mismanaged, or should I say UNmanaged, from the get-go. There has never been adequate traffic control or dust control, a violation of both State and Federal law, and with the disappearance of the work crews for weeks at a time shows that no inspection or project management follow thru is happening. Not to mention a poorly written contract that is letting this project drag out so long. The City again fails its duties to the citizens.
March 18, 2011
Grant line road is another example of a city contract not properly done.

I have worked with public works contracts for years, it is imperative that a construction contract include a time line for completion be stipulated and a penalty clause for not completing the project on time. It appears that the City of Tracy has either missed this requirement or their contracting department is incompetent, probably a combination of both. Low bid is one thing, but poor construction and contract practices are another.

Even the part of Grant Line Rd. from Corral Hollow to Tracy Blvd. is a roller coaster and certainly does not meet minimum CALTRANS standards for road quality.

March 18, 2011

To me this project is right on schedule.

Yes, it takes a long time. It is construction, nothing ever goes exactly as planned.

If they are not laying new asphalt in April, then you can complain. Until then, STFU.

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