Your Voice: Animal shelter gives best care possible
by Sandra Walther, Tracy
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This is a response to the letter titled "Terrible shelter conditions,” by Dorothy Scialabba on Feb. 4.

I have volunteered at the Tracy Animal Shelter for over two years now, and I have never seen an animal “die and suffer a horrible death.” The people at the animal shelter sit with the animal until it has passed on, petting it and giving it their full attention. The dogs all have a warm place to sleep inside, with heat lamps and blankets.

Yes, it is a fact that, if they go outside, they will get wet.

The animal shelter is a warm place for animals, animals that would otherwise have been out on the street, starving and freezing. If the animal cannot be re-homed, the people that work at the shelter take the time to make it feel loved for the last time in its life as it passes into the void.

I will not argue that the animal shelter could be in better condition. The shelter has been located in the same facility for about 20 years. But the staff treats their animals the best way possible in their limited facilities.

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February 15, 2011

Unfortunately victor it seems yer right. Wish we didn't have ta kill any of em. It's really a sad sight ta see an perhaps it ought ta be televised on th cable access channel so more people could see it an take responsibility fer th care an breedin of thair pets.

With a growin demographic, as ya put it, ya do what ya can afford ta do an unfortunately, even no kill sounds great, thair are just too many of these unfortunate animals that get put down cus no one can afford ta keep em all alive.

Wonder if people know this but Animal Control, which includes th shelter, falls under th auspices of the PD. Guess someone will blame th chief fer that problem too, since th place is 20 years or so old an she's been here fer less than five. Now why didn't she know all about that before she got here an why isn't she doin anythang about it?

Probably because on a limited budget whair th city is attemptin ta keep all th employees workin around th city, thair just ain't enough ta consider a new multi-million dollar shelter fer th animals.

But ya know, if th good tax payin citizens would reign thair animals an be responsible fer em thair wouldn't be a need fer a large animal shelter an they would only have ta deal with th feral cats an wild animals that occasionally wander through town.

But taxpayers that don't take responsibility fer thair animals an themselves are th fault of th city government an the Chief of Police in particular. Right?
February 12, 2011
Too many derelict people (this demographic is growing).

Too many wayward pets (this demographic is growing).

The answer isn't a larger, "No-kill" shelter.

February 11, 2011
The animals don't care if it's twenty years or two years old. My home is over forty years old and my dog and I love it just as much.

We can go outside or inside when we want and people come and peole go, but the people we love are the ones who come back again.

There is running water, but mostly it's a WARM and cozy place to sleep, eat, and most importantly someone comes periodically to take the trash away.

You could put us up at the Hilton and feed us on a diet of FANCY FEAST, but it just wouldn't be the same as home of over twenty years.
February 11, 2011

There is a volunteer orientation every third Sunday of the month at the animal shelter. There you will be able to fill out all of the forms and learn how to best help the shelter.

The address of the animal shelter is:

370 W Arbor Ave

Tracy, CA 95304
February 11, 2011
I have to agree with Ms. Walther. The Staff at the animal shelter do a great job of caring for those animals that find their way to the shelter, by any means. Ben and the entire Shelter Team are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met.

Unfortunately, the conditions at the shelter need to be improved. The facility is at least 20 years old and in need of expansion. One can only hope the city can find the resources to expedite the improvements at the shelter so more lost and abandoned animals can find a safe and warm place to reside until they meet their new family.

By the way, if the shelter is expanded it should be designated as a "No-Kill" shelter.
February 11, 2011
Please let me know how I can volunteer at the shelter.

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