New members to be sworn in to City Council
by TP staff
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Among the usual business of the Tuesday, Dec. 7, Tracy City Council meeting, two longtime members will be replaced by newcomers elected Nov. 2.

Councilwomen Suzanne Tucker and Evelyn Tolbert, who did not defend their up-for-election seats this campaign season, will be succeeded by Robert Rickman and Robert Elliott. The pair will be sworn in at the regular Tuesday meeting, according to Carole Fleischmann of the city clerk’s office.

Following a closed session Tuesday, there will be a special meeting starting at about 6 p.m. that day, during which the old council will take care of several items before adjourning to a reception for Tolbert and Tucker.

The regular meeting will begin at 7 p.m., during which Elliott and Rickman will be sworn in and council business will continue as normal.

Among the items the new councilmen will consider are:

• To award GSE Construction $3,867,000 for work to upgrade the Tracy wastewater treatment plant. GSE of Livermore beat out 13 other companies’ bids to demolish, replace and improve several items of hardware and the treatment facility. The money for the project, if it is approved as expected, will come from various capital improvement funds and not the city’s general fund.

• Approve “improvements” to the 11th Street median that will cost $212,000 of capital improvement fund money.

• Buy security cameras for 15 vehicles that are part of the city’s Tracer bus system, a decision that could cost $80,000 that will come from previously approved transit fund budgets and from Proposition 1B.

• Approve an expansion of the San Joaquin County Enterprise Zone to include the West Valley Mall and Gateway areas. Enterprise zones provide employers in them certain benefits and tax incentives to hire workers, including up to $37,000 to employ someone who lives in a low-income area or who has recently been laid off. Businesses would also be eligible for certain tax credits to buy hardware or produce certain items.

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December 06, 2010
I couldn't agree more with newtotracy. I think the people who do the work are the best, but it's the people you don't see (city manager, hr director, finance director, parks director, economic development director, engineering director) who need to go. Those are the people that have lost touch with reality.

The city manager is a nice guy, but that's all. He's certainly not "the guy' to turn Tracy around.
December 05, 2010
Pinkwillow...I'm not a fan of our city manager's office. I've spoken to Mr. Churchill and I just don't feel he's the man to save our town. Not a bad guy...just not "the" guy. I also think that if we did something about our HR director (you know, the one on the Worst US Bosses list)...we might have happier and thereby more productive employees working for our city. That's a start. The lower level employees that I've dealt with for permits to work on the house, get water/garbage/sewer set up, license my dog as well as less "seen" employees who I've spoken with about getting a 4-way stop near my house have all been wonderful to work with. I've been very impressed with our working class staff at the's those at the top that concern me...
December 04, 2010
We wish R Rickman & R Elliott the newly elected council persons well, and hope they can bring some positive ideas to Tracy.
December 04, 2010
What changes need to be done to the paid staff that will bring businesses downtown?
December 03, 2010
how about we spend a little money on getting a cornerstone business downtown? There's a story in the paper today about yet another business closing...and Sergio's on 11th and Central is gone too. Just poof...gone.

We need to get one business that has corporate backing that can weather the storm of economy and bad decisions (like spending money on a damned statue!)...and can draw in boutiques and eateries and destinations. I'm sorry, but 9000 salons are just NOT destinations, nor are the plethora of ethnic groceries.

We need businesses with hours that cater to the commuter base in town...and who offer services and goods that are unique and different...and needed. Macy's is great, but do we really need a department store so we can all wear the same clothes? Let's put some energy and money into the HEART of this town...not just in building more and more vacant office spaces and mini malls...and not just in freeway facing properties...

I hope that our new councilmen can help out here, but I think there are a lot of changes to PAID staff that need to occur that probably won't.

With our city offices being right downtown...and the average city salary being six'd think they'd wander downtown at lunch or after work...and SUPPORT THE TOWN THEY WORK FOR!!!!!

Let's show some civic pride local in addition to shopping for price...both count...if you only have Wal-Mart and Costco, you have no variety and no town to speak of...only a series of strip malls.

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