McNerney declares victory in 11th District
by TP staff
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Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, has declared victory over his challenger, Republican David Harmer (left). Press file photo
Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, has declared victory over his challenger, Republican David Harmer (left). Press file photo
STOCKTON — Nearly two weeks after voters cast their final ballots, Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-Pleasanton, has declared victory over challenger David Harmer in the 11th Congressional District race.

After San Joaquin County announced the results of absentee ballot counting Wednesday, Nov. 10, Harmer had picked up 813 more votes on McNerney in the county but still trailed districtwide by 1,681 votes out of a total 231,003 cast, as of midday Thursday, Nov. 11.

Shortly after San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Austin Erdman released the updated totals, McNerney’s campaign announced that the distance between the Democratic incumbent and Harmer was an “insurmountable lead,” with the “vast majority” of ballots counted.

Erdman, who remains politically neutral during elections, said Wednesday he didn’t anticipate the distance between McNerney and Harmer to change significantly because of the 8,000 or so provisional ballots that had yet to be counted in San Joaquin County. He said it would be statistically unusual for the provisional ballots to make up the 1,700-vote gap between the two men.

Sarah Hersh, McNerney’s campaign manager, made another statement Thursday after the congressman’s declared victory that largely looked ahead to two more years in the House of Representatives.

“Congressman McNerney will continue serving the needs of the people he represents,” Hersh wrote. “He received dozens of bipartisan endorsements and will keep working across the aisle to create jobs and improve the lives of the people he serves.

“…He’ll be an independent voice for this area and stand up for what’s right.”

Harmer’s campaign announced the same day, however, that the Republican would see the counting “through to the end.”

Campaign manager Cameron Wilkinson said in a statement that Harmer’s team is “…engaged in an intensive ballot security operation. We’re monitoring the vote counting process each day and keeping track of how many ballots are outstanding.”

Those ballots, he noted, could tip the scales back in the favor of the challenger.

“Thousands of ballots remain to be counted, so it’s not over. We’ll see the process through to the end,” he wrote.

Indeed, all numbers and leads as of now are preliminary. Election results have not yet been certified, and official results from the California Secretary of State might not be known until the end of November.

Regardless of the outcome, Wilkinson said he was proud of the campaign Harmer ran.

“However this election turns out, we’ll have a clear conscience. We left it all on the field. I’m certain that we did everything possible — within the bounds of morality and ethics — to secure a victory in California’s 11th District.”

Right up to Election Day, both campaigns said that the 11th District race was expected to be one of the closest in the country, and it lived up to its billing.

Harmer led the early returns Nov. 2 and into the morning the next day, but as the counting continued, McNerney slowly crept into the lead across the four-county district.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Harmer had outdistanced McNerney by 5,159 votes in San Joaquin County, which accounts for about 53 percent of the district’s voters. But McNerney made up the gap in Alameda (5,777) and Santa Clara (1,186) counties, while Harmer led by 123 in Contra Costa County.

Observers from both the Harmer and McNerney campaigns were present during vote counting throughout the district. In San Joaquin County, where Erdman reported no problems with the tally, about 20 observers pressed into the registrar’s office Wednesday as workers ran the final absentee ballots through counting machines.

Things went less smoothly elsewhere in the 11th District.

In Contra Costa County, Harmer’s campaign challenged the way voters’ signatures on vote-by-mail ballots were verified. Ultimately, campaign observers were allowed to watch closely as workers checked to see whether signatures matched between ballots and voter rolls, though neither McNerney’s nor Harmer’s campaign was allowed to challenge individual signatures.

In Santa Clara County, ink smudges affected some ballots, but registrar of voters spokeswoman Elma Rosas said those problems were known before the election, and every ballot that was smudged was cleaned.

“(We have) literally done every one of those ballots that came in. … It’s been taken care of,” she said earlier this week.

No problems were reported in Alameda County.

It’s not yet known whether there will be a recount.

However, Harmer’s campaign has sent out requests to supporters for donations that will be put into a “recount fund,” which the e-mail states could be used to help cover the costs of monitoring either the ongoing count of ballots or any possible recount.

McNerney’s campaign did not comment about a recount, stating the issue would be addressed when and if such a request were made.
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November 16, 2010

My Grandfather used to say do it right the first time. Not the second time. Too bad, for everyone, congress didn't heed that same advice.

November 16, 2010
HawkEyes2see, heartbreaking, isn't it that the people who they trusted by electing them into the office would not bother to read the health care bill themselves... did they catch the earmarks in it that had no relation to the health care bill????

It is the worst drafted health care bill ever, in my own opinion. Coverage is NOT the same for everyone. If the public would take the time to read thousand and plus pages of poorly written health care bill they would protest.

Those who think the present health care bill great, did they actually read it front to back? Do they know how many lobbyists had a hand in the drafting of the health care bill with Liz Fowler?

November 16, 2010
I don't know why any congressman in his/her right mind would have approved this bill without reading it first.

And it's not like the public didn't raise this concern before they did so.

I guess they felt the pressure of a two year time limit?

The health care bill is the ugliest and most damaging bill our congress ever approved. Without even bothering to read it.

We do know those who did not approve at least read the bill before casting a no vote.

And I think, for the most part, the American voters rewarded them for that.

Except in CA, where we have achieved a stalemate against the liberal agendas.

Some People in CA eat that stuff up. And in congressional district eleven, it's around 50%.

November 16, 2010
Poor proofing

"premiums higher by eliminating pre-existing conditions"

should have read:

premiums higher by adding pre-existing condition
November 16, 2010
DeclinetoState writes »

"Perhaps you need to inform the readers what the "waivers" are? They certainly do not take folks off the private ins rolls lmao"

Waivers allow employees to keep their current coverage because the coverage is currently better and less expensive than benefits offered by ObamaCare. Why were the waivers issued? It allows them to keep it...for now. ObamaCare's rules force premiums higher by eliminating pre-existing conditions, child on parents policy till age 26 and so on. When premiums continue to increase... employers will determine the health policy fine costs less than the premiums and those, privately covered, will lose it, forcing more with illnesses onto the program. Business Economics.

Another job killer... 1099's to be issued to almost everyone. How many have you tracked and issued a 1099? Will you? Do you care? It too, raises the cost of doing business. My costs go up... so do yours. With revenues continuing to drop, our financial lives will continue to get tougher.


"... whether or not a PREMIUM INCREASE is LARGE or if a SIGNIFICANT NUMBER of ENROLLEES would LOSE ACCESS to their current plan because the COVERAGE WOULD NOT BE OFFERED in the ABSENCE of a waiver."
November 15, 2010
What Americans want are common-sense, responsible solutions that address the rising cost of health care and other major problems. Obamacare does not address these concerns.

Let's have a look at government run healthcare. Another article in the Tracy Press says that we cannot even get a "Veteran's facility" in our congressional district.

It asks the question to Jerry McNerney, "Where's the VA facility?", saying that it's been years and further stating, "This is federal government bureaucracy at its worst.".

You really want your congressman voting for government run healthcare when Congress cannot deliver?

Think again.

November 15, 2010

Most readers are already informed. As was previously explained. You can put lipstick on it. You may not want to base your discussion on current observations, but as we see, the cost is going up.

Anyway, as you said health care doesn't improve either.

What's clear is they pushed it through before it was ready.

And the reason was public opinion polls were pressuring them to stop wasting time and focus on the economy.

I myself left the congressman a voice mail message asking them to get their priorities straight.

Apparently congress didn't listen. And the result is the bad obama care you described.

November 15, 2010
Perhaps you need to inform the readers what the "waivers" are? They certainly do not take folks off the private ins rolls lmao

The Department of Health and Human Services, which provided a list of exemptions, said it granted waivers in late September so workers with such plans wouldn't lose coverage from employers who might choose instead to drop health insurance altogether

And when you are looking at the so called health reform (actually health ins reform) anyone calling it Obamacare does bring the vision of the t potty poop holding the govt med ins..leave my medicare alone ..roflam
November 15, 2010
oops, "uninformed"

Dang I hate that
November 15, 2010
DeclinetoState unhappily wrote »

"Like it or not..the responsibility lies with the state."

Like it or not... the responsibilities lie with it's citizens.

"And the comments that Obamacare increased your health premiums show just how uninformed you are"

These (111 to date) "uniformed" companies asked for, and received ObamaCare waivers. If you take 1,175,411 people out of your insurance pool, doesn't that drive associated premiums higher? Doesn't that drive other insurance company premiums higher?

Protocol Marketing Group


Star Tek

Adventist Care Centers

B.E.S.T of NY

Boskovich Farms, Inc

Gallegos Corp

Jeffords Steel and Engineering

O.K. Industries

Service Employees Benefit Fund

Sun Pacific Farming Coop

UFCW Allied Trade Health & Welfare Trust

HCR Manor Care

IBEW No.915

Integra BMS for Culp, Inc.

New England Health Care

Aegis Insurance

Alliance One Tobacco

Asbestos Workers Local 53 Welfare Fund

Assurant Health (2nd Application)

Captain Elliot's Party Boats

Carlson Restaurants

CH Guenther & Son

CKM Industries dba Miller Environmental


Darden Restaurants

Duarte Nursery

Employees Security Fund

Florida Trowel Trades

Ingles Markets


O'Reilly Auto Parts

Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 123 Welfare Fund

Sun Belt

UFCW Local 227

Uncle Julio's


United Group

US Imaging

Vino Farms



Alaska Seafood

American Fidelity



Gowan Company


Macayo Restaurants

Periodical Services


Universal Forest Products

UFCW Maximus Local 455


GuideStone Financial Resources

Local 25 SEIU


Preferred Care, Inc.

Ruby Tuesday

The Dixie Group, Inc.

UFCW Local 1262

Whelan Security Company

AMF Bowling Worldwide

Assisted Living Concepts

Case & Associates

GPM Investments

Grace Living Centers


Swift Spinning

Belmont Village

Caliber Services

Cracker Barrel

DISH Network

Groendyke Transport, Inc

Pocono Medical Center

Regis Corporation

The Pictsweet Co.

Diversified Interiors

Local 802 Musicians Health Fund

Medical Card System

The Buccaneer


Greater Metropolitan Hotel

Local 17 Hospitality Benefit Fund



Harden Healthcare

Health and Welfare Benefit System


Health Connector


Sanderson Plumbing Products, Inc.

Transport Workers

UFT Welfare Fund




Baptist Retirement

BCS Insurance


Fowler Packing Co.

Guy C. Lee Mfg.


Jack in the Box

Maritime Association

Maverick County

Metro Paving Fund



QK/DRD (Denny's)

Reliance Standard


November 15, 2010
whining dog, you've wounded me, wasn't my word. You enjoy my posts... come on say it... say it... you read them.

"Your word "bulls" was short three letters describing your response and MOST of the responses you post."

Which responses did you like?
November 15, 2010
Like it or not..the responsibility lies with the state. At least thts what all you t potty poopers are tellin us?

And the comments that Obamacare increased your health premiums show just how uninformed you are..therefore none of your posts have credibility.

No one is happy with the current form of the bill..most of us wanted a public option. but this bill insures that infants born with issues will be insurable on their parents program. It insures that the horrible drug program the pubs put thru on the seniors will be changed. It insures that there will be funds (thru fines) for those that refuse to get ins and the country has been ending up paying their er costs.

Do some is not perfect..but the pubs and blue collar dems did everything the the big health ins companies and pharma told them too..their lobbyists were writing speeches for those congresspeople to give in washington they have in this state
November 15, 2010
Bully cose responds to Benigno:

"Yes sir. Had bulls had thumbs... they could've hitchhike, though it may not always be safe. Safety being the idea?"

Your word "bulls" was short three letters describing your response and most of the responses you post.
November 15, 2010

Like it or not. There is nothing your congressmen and woman did to prevent our healthcare costs and insurance from rising.

When congressmen/women jumped in bed with big insurance companies it sealed our fate.

It does little good, falsely criticizing Americans for paying attention before it's too late. The fact is costs are rising everywhere but homegrown homeopathic remedies. Like tea.

The desire of congress to ignore the economy has contributed to the rising cost of healthcare.

Fact is congress has made things worse because they got their priorities out of order.

I had hoped the congressman would have spoke up. Focused on the economy and then tackled healthcare when we had time to do it right.

November 15, 2010

November 15, 2010
19kilo20 wrote » "Most of you guys have your heads up your cornhole...Health insurance companies are corrupt institutions!"

DeclinetoState wrote » "...get involved with something other than groups financed by big oil, pharma , and the big health insurance companies"

Unlike ObamaCare, you are not requires to purchase anything from private sector.
November 14, 2010
Most of you guys have your heads up your cornhole.

The health insurance companies have been raising rates way before "Obamacare".

This is just another excuse for the health insurance companies to raise rates again. Blame Obama for everything.

I've been paying for my families health insurance for the past seven years and my rates has gone up five of them. We barely use our health plan and for some reason the health insurance company has chosen to raise our rates, all this before Obama Care.

Health insurance companies are corrupt institutions!
November 14, 2010
Big health insurance companies are robbing the American working class dry because of the healthcare that congress passed.

Because of the congressmen I cannot keep my own doctor as I am forced to switch to Kaiser to keep my rates from going up.

This is the screwing of the middle class.

I sure hope Harmer wins.
November 14, 2010
and twice considered a bill requiring the state insurance commissioner to review and approve health insurance rates before they go into effect.

How much would the above mentioned reviews cost? LMAO It may have cost the ins companies some premiums ..Folks need to keep track of what is happening and stop whining..get involved with something other than groups financed by big oil, pharma , and the big health insurance companies

November 14, 2010
TomBenigno wrote on Sunday, Nov 14 at 08:34 AM »

"... Money talks bulls walk. I hope you got the idea."

Yes sir. Had bulls had thumbs... they could've hitchhike, though it may not always be safe. Safety being the idea?

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