Your Voice: Usurping right to vote
by John Phillips, Tracy
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The voters of the city of Tracy have a right to decide who will be sitting on the City Council. The City Council should not be making that decision for the voters.

Who do they think they are? Here they go again, out of control and ignoring the voters. We should have a special election no matter what the cost and do this correctly. What happens if they pick someone who will perhaps vote in the manner they want and not in the way the voters would have wanted?

They’re in a position to vote for a personal favorite if they do this. I feel it necessary to remind the City Council and the mayor they work for the voters, and not the reverse. Voters in this city need to stand up and let them know we are watching, and if necessary we can vote them back out.

• Editor’s note: The City Council unanimously decided Dec. 18 that a seat vacated by Bob Elliott will be filled via appointment. The council is scheduled to discuss the matter at a Jan. 15 meeting.
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January 05, 2013
I wonder why no one is upset when th elected body that makes up te TUSD school board did precisely th same thang with thair appointment? Incidentally I don't have a problem with th appointments under those circumstances.
January 19, 2013
In your language: don't got nobody in skool ny- more
January 04, 2013
I'm not convinced of this. I honestly did NOT have a chance to vote for a third candidate because it said to pick two. My spouse and myself voted for Mike and Nancy and those two were elected. We did not vote for a third council candidate, except Bob for Supervisor.

And in the past the council appointed Steve. So I would be opposed to another election. A few people got up and said we already had an election. Unless somebody wants to pay for the election, just appoint someone like they always did it in the past. They can ask the questions they selected at the council meeting and invite the public. I am fine with it. They have sixty days from the time Bob resigned, so the appointment process seems like the best way to handle this situation.

And it always worked in the past, so let's just getterdone.
January 04, 2013
Editor of Tracy Press stated the same prior to the decision. I wrote a letter in the same issue of the Tracy Press urging a special election.

Do you know how many citizens showed up and spoke at the City Council meeting to say the same? One.

Apathy is the primary characteristic of the voters of Tracy.
January 06, 2013

I agree, but the apathy is not just limited to the City of Tracy - it's state-wide and nationwide. We've become a nation that worships the unholy trinity of the almighty dollar, instant gratification, and not willing to take responsibility. Democracy, the right to vote, the sacrifices made by our forefathers - most people don't have a clue what any of those things mean. That is how the Ives' and Maciels' of the world get elected into public office in the first place.

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