Your Voice: Time to take responsibility
by Deborah Littleton, Tracy
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What is with the kids in the local high schools? My guess is that they really want to spend that extra time in school during the summer when they could be snoozing, camping and traveling.

Tracy Unified School District officials should not back down off that consequence, as these kids will just keep monopolizing tax dollars — being the teens who cried wolf — pulling the Tracy Police Department away from real emergencies.

Maybe it’s fun for those pulling the pranks, but sitting in a stadium for six hours, without sunscreen or padded seats, is not quite so fun.

I myself ended up standing out there for nearly two hours during the first bomb threat at Kimball High on March 14. If they could talk, my feet could tell you that it wasn’t very pleasant.

One possible carrot to dangle over the students’ heads would be that extracurricular things like prom and senior ditch days are revocable privileges. That might help keep kids more accountable, as pranksters often start bragging about what they did.

Maybe the students want us to waste money instituting locked-down bathrooms and installing cameras covering locker rooms and bathrooms (except for showers or stall areas).

Should we switch to a pseudo-martial law system, just to get our children educated? Has it really come to this?

Come on, Mom and Dad. Be real. Take responsibility!

• Editor’s note: Kimball High School was evacuated March 14 and Monday, March 18, for bomb threats. No one had been arrested as of Thursday, March 21, in those cases. Tracy High School was evacuated March 13 and 14 for bomb threats, and two teenagers were arrested in connection with the first of those cases.

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March 22, 2013
We are all assuming it was kids. We are all assuming it is kimball students. Never assume. Check out everything, everyone. The cameras at kimball were not working. Werw kids aware of that? Probably not. But im sure staff knew.

Leave no stone unturned.
March 22, 2013
I have to agree with you backinblack.

If the parents were also punished then maybe more parents will take the responsibility for their kids.

I remember my brother and a few friends broke into a small country school when he was young. they found paint and threw it all over the wood gym floor.

He and the two friends were caught and the judge said that they and my folks along with the other kids folks had to clean up the mess.

Needless to say Mom and Dad were not happy along with the other parents, since they all had to spend one of their days off cleaning up a mess my brother and their kids made of that gym.

He never did anything like that again.

March 22, 2013
Are you kidding? Opining about it being time to take responsibility while referring to felons/terrorists as pranksters isn't going to cut it.

As far as dangling a carrot I highly doubt not attending prom or participating in senior ditch days is going to have much effect. What will have an effect is prosecuting the felons/terrorists to the full extent of the law and making the parents of the criminals pay the bills for the expenses incurred.

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