Your Voice: Support for Manne
by Matthew Doss, Tracy
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My wife, Nicole, and I are residents of Tracy, and we wanted to take a moment to express our support for Charles Manne in the upcoming decision for Tracy City Council.

We believe that his strong financial background will bring a leveling block to potential erroneous spending often associated with government.

To balance his professional qualities, Charles is also the father of three boys and has a vested interest, as we do, in keeping Tracy what it has been for generations — a wonderful safe place to raise a family.

• Editor’s note: On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the Tracy City Council is set to decide whether Charles Manne, Ray Morelos or Roger Birdsall will fill the council seat vacated by Bob Elliott, who was elected to the county board of supervisors.
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January 24, 2013
If this deal doesn't turn out good then we as a community should make change next term.
January 15, 2013
Very biased post at best. Matt Doss was Charlie's best friend in high school. Maybe he should have mentioned that for those unaware.
January 14, 2013

I don't think you understand simple finances. Water, sewer and infrastructure are all paid for by the RGA's. The ten million is an additional offer from the developer for the swim center. In addition the developer is paying for the land for the swim center. In addition the properties will generate tax revenue.
January 15, 2013
These are the free perks listed below that the Ellis development agreement grants Surland. The city engineer Kul Sharma said at the planning commission meeting that there value is 7 million dollars at todays cost. The 7 million in free perks means the city gets only 3 million dollars out of the Ellis development agreement. Any residential property generates tax revenue so that is irrelevant Lumpia.

o No cost for Corral Hollow System capacity sufficient to serve 550 residential units

o The right to use 330 residential units of existing capacity in the Corral Hollow Sewer Conveyance System on a permanent basis shall be reserved for Tracy Ellis at no cost.

o Sufficient capacity in Eastside System to serve additional 250 residential units on an interim basis, until Corral Hollow Phase One Upgrade is completed shall be reserved for Tracy Ellis. Water Supplies and Capacity

o City to reserve supplies, and transmission and treatment capacity for all Project development

o City to provide supplies (but not transmission or treatment capacity) at no cost to Tracy Ellis
January 14, 2013
Perhaps not a Manne for all seasons...
January 11, 2013
The author of this article states, "We believe that his strong financial background will bring a leveling block to potential erroneous spending often associated with government." I attended the last planning commission meeting where Manne voted to approve a developer agreement that purportedly gave Tracy 10 million dollars for a swim center. When a member of the public pointed out that in return the city was giving the developer 7 million dollars in water, waste water, and sewage fees and the agreement was only giving Tracy 3 million dollars Manne stated that his daddy told him all free money was good money even if it was only 3 million dollars instead of ten. Since the developer agreement was for 25 years it is likely these amenities will cost a great deal more money when Surland uses them at a later date and the deal will probably cost Tracy taxpayers. I don't trust him with my wallet he dosent even understand simple finance. That seven million dollars represents a year and a half of Measure E sales tax money that the taxpayers are coughing up. Mr. Manne votes like a regular bureaucrat with no sense of whose money he is spending.

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