Your Voice: Something smells with wastewater deal
by Diana Milligan, Tracy
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While reading Arleen Robbins letter on Nov. 16 regarding the wastewater treatment ponds, I felt it was necessary to comment on the smell generated form the plant.

I live on the north side of Tracy within city limits, and there is never any fresh air in my neighborhood. I am a walker, but the air quality prohibits the enjoyment of a walk. This is due to smells generated form the ponds.

Yet I see that the City Council will consider “releasing” the Tracy Hills developer from an agreement to build an “interim” wastewater treatment facility. Why is the City Council ever considering releasing them from this responsibility?

Secondly, consider the impact of developing Tracy Hills on the current wastewater facility that is at capacity and emitting toxic smells to residents on the north side.

We’ve had enough! It is imperative that current residents be protected

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January 28, 2013
Considerin th WW treatment plant has been in its current location fer well over 30 years that I am aware of, long before any housin was really around it, I am surprised that people buyin thair houses thair didn't know about this odor problem an th th ww treatment plant BEFORE they purchased thair homes.

As ta th youth sports park problem, since th place sits well ta th west of th WW Treatment plant an th majority of th time th winds carry th smell ta th east of Tracy, I doubt it's gonna be much of a problem. But ya could have had it whair th gas pipeline is or over near a close ta a Superfund cleanup site just north of th Defense Depot an around a bunch of train tracks with th problems they could bring.

Why suddenly, in light of them other sites, th new Tracy Youth Sports Complex don't look quite so bad.
January 28, 2013
The Wastewater treatment plant is located right next to the new Tracy Youth Sports Complex. Nothing but the best for our kids right???

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