Your Voice: Schools need better policy
by Tiffany Ross, Tracy
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I have two children at Kimball High, a freshman and a senior. I work in San Jose at a law firm. I have been on standby for my children since last week.

I am assuming that the Tracy Press gets information from the Tracy Unified School District or Kimball High.

I guessing this, as the articles mirror the same generic message we get as parents — “Your children are safe,” “This isn’t credible,” “The police are looking into this.”

Every message, via email or voicemail, has said the same thing. No information. Each and every statement reeks that the school is worried about the “bottom line” — no kids at school equals no money.

On Monday, my daughter sat in the bleachers for four to five hours waiting for “her name to be called” to be released.

Fortunately, I was able to reach my sister to go pick my children up, since I am in San Jose.

Last week, my child sat even longer because I couldn’t find someone to get her.

Both times the school has been evacuated, they sat and sat in those bleachers. How is this “safe”?

Also, the police have been “looking into to this” since March 8, when writing was found on the school’s bathroom walls. Still nothing.

I have repeatedly tried reaching the district and Kimball directly, with no answer and no return call.

I would think the school and district should have an extended policy in place for this type event. Sitting on the bleachers for hours is not the answer.

The message put out to family needs to be more than the generic “Your kids are safe” with no other information.  

If this continues, a hotline or email needs to be in place to give information, etc., especially since no calls are being returned.

Obviously, this is out of control.

• Editor’s note: Kimball High School was evacuated March 14 and Monday, March 18, for bomb threats. No one had been arrested as of Thursday, March 21, in those cases. Tracy High School was evacuated March 13 and 14 for bomb threats, and two teenagers were arrested in connection with the first of those cases.

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May 19, 2013

Mrs. Ross is the one who interjected her place of employment in her own words"I work in San Jose at a law firm".

So we do have a right to have an opinion on the matter since she did bring it up,and its very insulting that you are assuming that the mothers who live in Tracy are all on welfare, you must not be from around here.
May 19, 2013
I understand what shes trying to say. She's just frustrated that she's NOT getting the answers she wants, My kids go to Kimbell High and I'm very satisfied on how they handle this situation, they have to take these things very serious, But me and my wife would never ever be 70 plus miles away from are kids, my wife works here in Tracy and I work out in Sacramento, so there's always someone close by. I would rather be on welfare than to leave my 2 kids at home alone to make teenage decisions, Maybe this article should be called , "Parents need better Policy"

May 19, 2013
Tiffany....who tried to make everyone feel sorry for her??? You werent a single mom when you were living in Mountain house last year. Tiffany Ross always told everyone sob stories so everyone could help her and her kids out. We knew you were a fraud when your house went up for forclosure and hearing you rant on this article proves it! be a mother to your kids! stop looking for handouts!! just the other day you were crying and blaming your ex, like always!, why you were so broke. Those arent his kids, go after the father, if you even know who their true father is!!! you are pathetic, 3 kids, 3 different dads and always crying for sympathy!! as a mother, who actually sacrifices for her children to have a better future, you are a disgrace! blaming the school & the police for some phantom bad policy, sounds like a precursor to a lawsuit since you want to make it known (second sentence of your article)"I work at a law firm" get yourself together! stop looking for free handouts!
May 18, 2013
Is this the same Tiffany Ross who lived in Mountain House. This Lady Tried to have our family friend and his poor family be responsible for her and her kids.

She's always telling lies and spreading rumors. She's worried about Bombs that don't exists , but not worried about the alcohol use and drugs use that happens under her own roof, that her kids and family are apart off, your right Tracy does have a lot of white trash and it Starts with the Hypocrite who wrote this article. So Sad
March 26, 2013
Why even give something as benign as a "bomb threat" any consideration at all? Bombers don't threat, they detonate, in the hopes of maximum effect. (mass carnage) If the want to blow up an empty school, they would do it at night. They just blew up a bunch of suicide bombers today in Iraq. Gee, they didn't call ahead of time and warn anybody?? Golly !! No writing on any bathroom walls or anything like that??! What were they thinking? ( ) High School bomb threats are an unprepared students way of getting out of a test they are unprepared for. This particular one was obviously a copy-cat of the Tracy High event. (Kimble won't be denied, our losers are just as bad as yours) Yeah, I went and waited in line to pick up my nephew, Yeah, the line was long, Yeah, it took awhile, and Yeah, my nephew was laughing about the whole thing. When I was in High School, and some idiot pulled the fire alarm or called in a bomb threat, we all walked or drove home without any parental involvement at all. We're all still here. So, don't make this anything more than it is.. a prank.
May 18, 2013
I agree with you. she wants the School and others to be responsible for her own kids. and I know for a fact she has also been on welfare.
March 22, 2013
Maybe the change that needs to be made is that you work closer to where your children attend school.

Since you've made yourself unavailable, you have turned the school into your childcare provider. And then you criticize the process.

Why do changes entirely fall on the school district?

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