Your Voice: Gun enforcement, not more laws
by Al Galaviz, Tracy
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This nation is tearing itself apart after the horrible and senseless shooting of small school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We all failed — the parent of the shooter, the merchant that sold the gun and ammunition, the police and the medical and mental health professionals.

We do not need more gun control laws — what we need is stronger gun enforcement with the current laws on the books. It’s not the fault of gun manufactures. People kill people. What is wrong with having this young man around guns when he had medical and emotional issues, as well as mental health issues?

I hope the parents who lost children file wrongful death lawsuits. Adam Lanza’s mother has no excuse, not even money, why she allowed her son to go crazy and kill so many people.

The problem is when people come in contract with people like Adam Lanza, they do not get involved. People should have and contacted their local police. The police should have been aware this man that had issues and was around guns. If they had connected the dots, they could have at least taken the guns out of this man’s home.

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April 02, 2013
This is the biggest pile of garbage I have ever read. You are just spouting every single anti-gun phrase ever said. The mom was murdered and then her son went and killed a bunch of people with stolen guns, how is that the merchant's fault? How is that the mother's fault? How is it the polices' fault? It looks like you are blaming everyone EXCEPT for the shooter. He is solely responsible for everything. Blame everyone but the person who did the crime. You disgust me. You are part of what's wrong with this country. No one takes resposibility for their actions, it HAS to be someone else's fault. Next time, pull your head out of your rear end before typing. You fool.
March 30, 2013
No sane human being can understand how anyone could execute such a horrific act, so we look everywhere else but at the individual. Adam Lanza and him alone is to blame for Sandy Hook. I believe the only thing that could have stopped or will stop any future attempts, is better school security.

March 30, 2013

After reading the referenced article I still don't see anything indicating a gun merchant did anything wrong. Although they say a X-mas card was found with a check for Adam to buy a gun the article states the guns in the home were apparently purchased by the mother - legally by all accounts thus far. I still do not see anything indicating the mother "allowed" Adam to go crazy.

Herein lies the problem with Al and many others regardless of what side they're on in the gun deabte, arguments based on hysterics rather than reason.

I agree with Al's premise, it's not guns, it's people, strictly enforce laws already in the books rather than adding new ones, but let's keep our heads on straight during the debate.

Example, Al wrote:"If they had connected the dots, they could have at least taken the guns out of this man’s home."

Really? Let's think about that for a second. Obesity is an epidemic which kills people at a pretty high rate and it affects all of us in the way of higher healthcare & insurance costs. Should the government go in and confiscate food from homes of the obese? Hmmm.
March 29, 2013
Um, did I miss something? "We all failed — the parent of the shooter, the merchant that sold the gun and ammunition"

First off, I didn't fail, I had nothing to do with it. Have the authorities determined the sale of any of the firearms used was illegal? Please correct me if I'm off but I don't recall any stories about a merchant breaking the law in connection with this trajedy.

Apparently I also missed the stories and official reports which showed evidence the mother "allowed" her son to go crazy.

Granted, from the info I've read she deserves some culpability for having guns in the house when she knew Adam had mental health issues, but saying she allowed him to go crazy? C'mon.

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