Your Voice: Great place to live
by Christopher Harvey, Tracy
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As we enter a new year, let’s do so with an attitude of gratitude.

If one reflects upon the news as of late, it is easy to become rather cynical — yet I am reminded of what a great town this is. Tracy is filled with people who strive to make the world a better place.

Recently, my children and I helped out with Brighter Christmas, and I was amazed at how many people showed up to give a helping hand.

Furthermore, my wife’s car broke, and within a jiffy she had two good Samaritans show up, offering to give a helping hand.

In tough times, you can see a person’s true colors, and the same is true for a town. In tough times, good people shine bright in Tracy.

In addition, there are very talented and caring people who reside here.

Recently, Freiler School, under the guidance of Mrs. Brohard and Mrs. Tessera, was responsible for performing an excellent rendition of the “Ugly Duckling” — aka “Honk.”

I am well aware of the fact that funds have been cut over the past couple of years, but with parent volunteers, Mrs. Brohard’s incredible vision, and great enthusiasm shown by the performers, the show went on, and it was an incredible spectacle.

Students are able to thrive when parents and teachers see their innate talents and enable them to develop those talents. The cast of “Honk” was able to excel because they had an incredible support system.

Let’s take time in this coming year to see one another in a positive light, and may Tracy shine bright.
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