Your Voice: Ending teacher tenure good for schools
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A state judge just made a landmark decision. That is, providing some group of judges friendly to the teachers unions doesn’t overturn it on appeal. That is the demise of teacher tenure. The teacher unions will say this is a catastrophe for public education, as principals will have the power to fire teachers on a whim and they will fire higher-paid teachers and keep inexperienced, lower-paid teachers to save money. They will not. Principals can be fired at will. Their job is to have schools where students are successful. In order to do this, principals must retain the best teachers to ensure the best education for the students under their care. They need a staff of teachers that are highly motivated with high morale. Firing people at whim and making them insecure is not a model for a successful school. The only insecure teachers will be those few who do a poor job. The unions will still ensure that teachers are given due process before termination takes place. I used to work as a manager in manufacturing, where the Teamster union made sure all terminations were with cause. I couldn’t fire someone because I just didn’t like them. Teachers will still get paid based on their education and years in service and not necessarily their performance, which is a shame. Pray that this decision stays and is not overturned. This is a first step and there is a long ways to go to ensure our public schools get better.

Scott Hurban, Tracy

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