Your Voice: B for bad in school bond
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I must say, it’s a wonderful thing that Measure B passed Tracy’s recent vote for an $82 million school bond. The students, the teachers and the school staff are all very happy, I am sure.

However, I am a home owner who strongly feels the passing of the bond is tantamount to home owner bondage. Bonds are nothing more than an insidious method to circumvent Proposition 13, which was intended to protect home owners from runaway property taxes. Now, in Prop. 13’s place, we home owners have bonds of all types, thereby increasing the cost of home ownership — and short sales and foreclosure may result.

The financial burden of funding the community’s needs of all manner of services must be paid for by all citizens, not just home owners. Home owners and non-home owners alike receive community services paid for by the home owner alone, and the non-home owners are receiving a free ride — not right!

I would suggest revenue bonds or a value-added tax or a sales tax to replace home owner obligation bonding. Such a tax or change in bonding structure would more fairly spread the financial burden now placed on home owners alone. Perhaps a statewide initiative to stop runaway bonding of home owners is now required.

Comment: Bonds alone impose a heavy financial burden on home ownership, over and above simple property taxes. First-time home buyers will find they could possibly handle the property taxes alone, but not with the added bond obligations.

Tom Rauch, Tracy

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June 25, 2014
Measure B is just another in a long series of schools getting money from the tax payers. The sad part is that most people are not aware that this passes no matter what. They simply say it passed by x amount of votes and it's all done. These schools will just keeping coming for more and more. As long as the schools can siphon money from the tax payers which they do every 3 to four years, they will keep doing so. The school system is broken and throwing money at it will never change a thing! Sad.
June 20, 2014
non-home owners pay too...someone owns that home and rents it out. when their payments rise because of measures...they pass it along to the renters. it's all a cycle.

I know where you're coming from, but if Prop 13 (with all of its faults) didn't exist, our taxes could go up without our say. these bonds are things that WE vote on...and funding our schools is pretty important in my book...
June 25, 2014
Rent is set at the market rate. Just because the city increases taxes on property owners doesn't mean landlords can up the rent.
June 26, 2014
yes...they cannot up it by zillions just because, but Tracy (to my knowledge) does not have rent control and therefore rents CAN go up significantly at the landlord's discretion.

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