Wais Academy gains “Best School” honors
by TP staff
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Wais Martial Arts Academy of Tracy won the Best Overall School award at the recent “Battle of the Warriors” 2012 Nor-Cal Tae Kwon Do championship tournament at Evergreen High School in San Jose on Saturday, Sept. 29.

The local karate school brought 37 students to the competition and all finished in the top three in their respective divisions in sparring, board-breaking and forms. They include black belts Sonann Hakimi, 11, who won the gold medal in forms and weapons forms; Gion Hakimi, 16, champion in sparring; and Leon Hakimi, 14, who won the silver medal in weapons forms.

Other Wais students to make the top three in their divisions include:

Brown belt: Nadia Resendiz, 7.

Blue belt: Marek Charles, 7, Manuel Morales, Jr., 7, Keilah Visperas, 8, Savannah Visperas, 8, Jose Martinez, 9, Marcus Charles, 10, Adeline Morales, 10, and Audrey Morales, 13,

Green belt: Darrell Cenido, 6, Samantha Rios, 7, Gabriel Rocha, 7, Princess Lawas, 8, Xavier Rocha, 8, Daniel Barron, 9, Leilani Cano, 10, Hamza Syed, 12, Omer Syed, 12, Belal Majid, 13, Leon Tran, 13, and Calvin Hightower, 16.

Yellow belt: Ace Rozales, 4, Jonathan Lawas, 5, Kyle Ramirez, 5, Ethan Karthikeyan, 6, Andrew Rozales, 6, Zoren Acelar, 8, Gabriel Hernandez, 9, Gurjot Singh, 9, and Jasmine Nicolas, 11.

Orange belt: Jordan Evans, 8, and Nathaniel Nicolas, 10.

White belt: Ashley Deep, 10, and Favian Velazquez, 10

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