Voters head to the polls in Tracy
by TP staff
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Voters were showing up to polling places steadily, if not spectacularly, on Election Day.

Even at 2 p.m., between the before- and after-work rushes, volunteers at the Tracy Community Center serving the downtown area of the city were handing out a steady diet of secret ballots for the voters walking in.

While the volunteers agreed that more and more people are mailing in their ballots rather than showing up to vote in person — a trend over recent years, as absentee voting is reaching all-time highs in popularity — there was still plenty of work to do today.

For Grace Alvarez, who cast her ballot at the community center, voting in person is a chance to connect with neighbors and the community.

She, like many others who voted today, said it was particularly the local races that she was concerned about in this non-presidential election year.

“(It was the) City Council more than anything, making sure the best two people are in there,” Alvarez said.

Matthew Palomino, who voted just after Alvarez, agreed.

“I came out for the City Council. And then there are the initiatives and the half-cent sales tax (Measure E),” Palomino said.

Some, though, including Peggy Miller, cast their concern higher up the list of issues and candidates.

“I’m a regular voter and I’m a Republican,” she said, adding that of all the priorities on the ballot, “mine was the governor.”

Polls in Tracy close at 8 p.m.

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