Tracy Talk: Summer sun calls for attention to skin care
by Anne Marie Fuller
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Years ago, maybe even decades ago, I realized the value of proper skin care and the wisdom of being proactive with your daily skin care regimen. Let’s face it — your skin is the largest organ your body has, and it has to last a lifetime.

One of the biggest things I support is the use of daily sunscreen, before even a drop of makeup goes on your skin. Think of it as an architect might: Start with a clean slate and focus on the foundation of the project before worrying about putting in windows.

We all know the importance of properly cleansed skin, but some may forget the crucial step of sunscreen right after. I am an advocate of year-round sunscreen, even when it’s cold or cloudy outside.

If you have ever had a skin cancer scare, I might be able to win you over to the use of daily sunscreen.

“I’ve seen the amount of medication we dispense to adults with skin cancer,” explained Dr. Harold Reich, owner of Reich’s Pharmacy. “This is something to be concerned about. Applying daily sunscreen is a good practice to get into. Even in winter or on cloudy days, you are still exposed to ultraviolet radiation.”

Reich suggested choosing broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect against both UVA and UVB rays, with a high SPF.

“The SPF factor will determine how long you can stay out in the sun without having to reapply,” he said. “I would recommend at least an SPF 30 or above. You may need to reapply at some point.”

Along with daily sunscreen, there are a few other key essentials that I have incorporated into my daily routine.

Believe it or not, water is an essential part of my skin care routine. Healthy, radiant skin doesn’t just happen. Sometimes you need to start from the inside out. Ditch soda, which is also bad for your teeth, and increase your intake of water. Your skin will thank you later.

As for the summer’s must-have beauty products — think waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Even if you’re not planning a day at the beach, you never know when you might have that “greeting card moment.”

It was during my teen years, when I was immersed in the world of modeling, that I received an eye opener on proper skin care dos and don’ts.

I actually got into modeling by mistake. I had accompanied a friend, who didn’t want to drove alone, to an audition.

Next thing I knew, I was part of a fashion show taking place in San Francisco with a well-known clothing brand. I think I was the only person there without a photo portfolio or zed card.

I couldn’t believe some of the skin care routines that took place backstage. I would like to know who came up with the idea that spraying aerosol hairspray on your face was a good thing. Not for me, thank you.

For every “I don’t think so” moment, I did learn about the importance of good skin care and a few essentials.

• Anne Marie Fuller is the television host of “Helpful Hints with Anne Marie,” on Channel 26 at 7 p.m. Fridays. She is also a Tracy arts commissioner and was named Mrs. California 2013 in May. Contact her at
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