Tilted Windmills: The growth of the Me Party
by Mike McLellan / For the Tracy Press
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There is a new political movement gaining wide acceptance in our country. It is the Me Party.

Perhaps you have not heard of it, but certainly you intuitively know all about it.

The Me Party’s platform is simple: “To hell with everyone else, it is all about me.”

The Me Party is against it. Whatever it is, they don’t want it. This is, unless they thought of it. Then you better like it, or you are bad, illegitimate, fascist or communist.

They do not accept other people’s ideas, even if they’re good. If anyone else has a great idea, it must be flawed, or else they would have thought of it. Their ideas are what count.

The party is made up of members of all parties, splinter groups and political movements. It has been especially attractive to those in our nation who feel entitled, superior and always right.

We have already seen the power that such egocentrism has fostered, as we have watched the Me Philosophies of any number of leaders of the Middle East, Cuba and even Louisiana during the 1930s.

This wonderfully simple movement is sweeping our great land because it plays to the core beliefs of so many. We each know we are special. Our parents told us so by defending any and all of our behaviors before teachers, irate storekeepers and the police.

We are unique and endowed with certain inalienable rights, not the least of which is getting our own way.

People who place “me” first often forget the “we” of the Constitution, along with the idea of a more perfect union. But that is an archaic belief. To them, United is just an airline that should be regulated as they wish — or not regulated at all.

Of course, the Me Party has an inherent problem. It is hard to develop a group from individuals focused only on their own lives in isolation. Cooperation requires people who are willing to compromise and be open to one another. This is difficult if everyone is self-centered.

It is, however, the logical extension of the Me Generation.

These problems could be overcome by focusing on a common enemy, real or imagined. For the Me Party, it would be “them.” We, according to the Me Party credo, are not in this together. It is them against me. We all know them and what they stand for. They believe in everything that we do not. They are led by people unlike us. They are different, and we can tell you how.

Under this philosophy, the United States’ self-image of being a melting pot will be no more. Who needs it?

The end result may be to have 200 million individual Me Parties, rather than just a few old-fashioned political parties. We can make this up as we go along.

Each of us will have our own mascot. As the elephant and donkey have been taken, each of us may simply have a logo containing a lone wolf.

Granted, this lacks continuity and organization, but it does so without any bureaucrats — except for each of us, in our own way, running our own country in our own way.

It may succeed. We all seem to agree that what we have now is not working.

• Mike McLellan can be contacted by calling and leaving a message at 830-4231 or

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September 16, 2011
As usual, I enjoy your writing and the article was a good one. Mike why not write about the NIMBY Party I think they live around the corner from the ME party. (smile)
September 10, 2011
Babble, babble, something about a me party, possibly a dig at the tea party.

babble, babble, something about the Constitution, but never spells out what.

babble, babble, something about egocentrism, but not clear what, no specifics.

Somewhere in this writer's incoherent babbling might be a point. Care to try re-writing this again Mike, and this time do somee thinking first. That or decrease the dosage on your meds.
September 09, 2011
Xenophobia at it's finest. And I can relate as, to quote the great satirist from my grandmother's home state of Oklahoma, Will Rogers, "I'm not a member of an organized political party. I'm a Democrat." ;-)

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