The Good Life: Thoughts, words have power
by Dianna Good / Our Town
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Is there power in a word, which begins with a thought and often leads to action? If we look around for evidence, we can realize that everything we see was created twice — once in the mind and then in the world.

The chair you’re sitting on, the table, the building all were first ideas in someone’s head before they came into form. They didn’t just magically appear one day.

If ideas can become things, it could be said that ideas have the seed of their outer expression. And, like seeds in nature, when we nurture them by giving them our time, attention and the environment they need to grow, they are indeed powerful.

This is why I have a “focus goal” that I give my attention to each day. A focus goal is a way to create what you want in life. Incandescent light brightens a room with unfocused energy that spreads over an area, losing its power the farther from the source it gets. But focus that light in the form of a laser beam, and it is so strong it can cut through metal. It is the same with our thoughts. Let your mind wander here and there throughout your day and allow it to be distracted by the outer world and the next shiny object, and your life will be like the incandescent bulb — unfocused, with no authentic power.

Quantum physics, the study of the world at the atomic and subatomic level, is scientifically proving that thoughts have power. Masaru Emoto’s work on water crystals is one example. Emoto’s groundbreaking work showed that when one’s mind is focused on a positive word, like “love” or “peace,” while looking at a glass of water, the shapes of the water crystals reflect that idea in beautiful designs. But when negative thoughts are the focus while gazing at the same water, the crystals became disjointed, asymmetrical and generally not as attractive to look at.

Google Emoto’s experiments to see examples of this amazing phenomenon of how thoughts and words actually impact physical structure.

So, the next time you allow yourself to indulge in negative thinking about a situation or a person, consider the impact your thoughts may have — especially when we remember that a large amount of the human body is made up of water. For these reasons, and perhaps some that we are not even aware of, focusing your thoughts and words on the positive is more than just an idea whose time has come!

• Dianna Good, an eight-year Tracy resident, is a Reiki master and life coach. She connects with people energetically, bringing mind and spirit together for personal growth. She can be reached at or by calling 627-6852.

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