Savvy Business Secrets: Sales is solving problems for your customers
by Victoria Buckmann
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Most business owners and financial officers don’t think of themselves as salespeople. In fact, for many, “sell” is a four-letter word.

It has been programmed into many of us that selling has seriously negative connotations — that selling is the process of pushing or convincing others to buy products or services they do not want or need while persuading them that they do, in fact, need them.

Contrary to popular belief, selling should not be a dirty word. It makes the world go ’round.

Without sales, we would have challenges and problems and we wouldn’t be able to obtain the solutions to those problems. All business would come to a screeching halt. Our world and our lives depend on sales transactions.

If the concept of selling causes you fear, anxiety and stress, then you are coming from the wrong energy.

Over the years, I have learned that when I think about needing to make a sale, I become stressed. When I am stressed, my prospective clients feel that energy, and they in turn become stressed.

When people are selling, they are usually doing more talking, not listening. Often, when too much talking is going on, a specific product or service is being presented before the seller fully understands the problem or need of the client.

When you see selling as being curious about your clients’ needs — listening for what is important to them and creating solutions — then it becomes fun and easy.

Think of yourself as a valuable resource for potential clients. You may have the solution they need, or you may know someone else who has the solution that fits their problem better.

Everyone has wants, needs and challenges. You will have solutions for some of the wants, needs and challenges of some people, some of the time.

Listen to people’s needs, and when the opportunity is right, share your solutions. If it is the right solution at the right time and you show up wanting to help, people will buy from you.

When you view sales and selling as problem solving and being of service, clients will love you and your business will thrive.

•Victoria Buckmann has 25 years of sales experience and had a successful corporate career with a Fortune 100 company.
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