Rickman, Elliott prepare to take council seats
by Jon Mendelson / Tracy Press
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Robert Rickman and Bob Elliott, the two men who will succeed Evelyn Tolbert and Suzanne Tucker on the Tracy City Council, expressed gratitude to their supporters and eagerness to tackle the city’s issues after winning the election Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Elliott, who celebrated at the Kagehiro building in downtown Tracy after the polls closed with an Election Day party to thank his supporters, campaign workers and family for their efforts, said he didn’t get as much rest as he would have liked. But he was still energized by the victory.

“It’s all good, though,” he said the next day. “It’s a great feeling to know the message that I had resonated with the citizens.”

Elliott stumped on a message of “fiscal responsibility, keeping our community safe and economic development to bring quality jobs and higher education opportunities” from the campaign’s beginning. He said voters, by giving him 19.08 percent of the overall vote, gave him a clear direction for his upcoming work on the City Council.

“If the voters voted for me, then I take that as an endorsement of my position, so I’ll work to try to bring those things about,” he said.

The retired U.S. Army colonel and member of the Green Berets added that he will be open to feedback from local residents during his term in office.

“I think an open-door policy is the best policy, and if people have ideas or concerns, I certainly hope they will tell me about them. Because our mission is really to represent the people who voted you into that position.”

Rickman was also recovering from a long Election Day on Wednesday, Nov. 3. The California Highway Patrol sergeant said he was up until 3 a.m. watching the returns come in.

“I didn’t want to go to bed without knowing 100 percent,” said Rickman, who earned the highest vote total (23.7 percent) of any of the nine City Council candidates.

“I thank everybody in Tracy,” he said. “I’m there for them — that’s who I work for, and I’m not going to forget who I work for.”

Rickman said voters gave him a strong endorsement to fight gangs that have cropped up in Tracy, as well as to work to establish more economic and recreational opportunities for the city’s youth.

He said it will be important for the next City Council to work together, but Rickman doesn’t see that as a particular problem.

“We’re all going to have to work together, and I believe we all have a common goal,” he said. “I want Tracy to reach its full potential, and I think we all feel that way. I think we have an excellent council right now.”

Elliott echoed Rickman’s sentiment.

“I think everyone on the council shares at least some of the same ideas,” Elliott said. “I think everyone is focused on making sure we have a safe community, and I think everyone also recognizes the importance of economic development.”

Elliott and Rickman won’t be sworn in to their new positions until the election results are certified, which could take until Nov. 30. They could ascend to their seats Dec. 7, but that’s only a tentative date.

The two beat out seven other people running for positions on the council. Also running were Larry Hite, 15.16 percent of the vote; Nancy Young, 10.91 percent; Pete Mitracos, 8.76 percent; Juana Dement, 7.3 percent; Larry Gamino, 7.1 percent; Vasco Soares, 4.15 percent; and Jass Sangha, 3.69 percent.
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November 07, 2010
Is there a message in Tracy electing a current CHP sergeant and a retired Green Beret?
November 06, 2010
I guess the time wasn't right for Larry Hite after all.

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