Remember When: Name this tavern
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Today’s Remember When mystery photo shows a local tavern sometime around 1940. What was the name of the establishment, where was it located and who ran it? Extra points if you can identify the man in the photo.

Last week’s Remember When mystery photo showed Chief Larry Kissell, left, and Cpl. Les Garcia of the Tracy Police Department in April 1990 with the department’s first police dog, Cora.

Kissell is now retired, and Garcia is public information officer for the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department. The dog park in El Pescadero Park is named for Cora.

Carolyn Kissell and Debbie Rock identified those in the photo.

• If you know the answer or can’t wait until next week to find out, email or call 830-4234.

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July 10, 2013
The Shady Inn was located on 11th Street. If my memory serves me correctly, it was somewhere between where that 99 Cent store and the Realty World office is now. Betty Hutton ran that place forever.

For a really interesting story on something from Tracy’s past, maybe Sam should write about when Ross Mangum was arrested for raping Janice Amos after a night of heavy drinking at the Shady Inn. While ole Ross was convicted of the crime against his wife’s niece, Janice was known for having accused several local men of attempting to rape her, one of the men being a highly respected doctor who would later have a park named after him there where that old train engine now sits at the corner of McKinley and Lowell Avenues (yeah, it was a long time ago).
July 09, 2013
old shady inn bar north tracy 5 miles
July 10, 2013
Wasn't the Shady Inn on the west side of town?

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