Reflections on Faith: Holy Spirit as enabler of God
by Jim Bush / For the Tracy Press
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When was the last time you wished for something in life, but that wish ended in failure when you realized that you were unable to reach your goal?

You did not have the training, the experience, the knowledge, the physical strength, the health or the intelligence required to accomplish your goal.

The result? You gave up before you began.

Without the proper tools, you’d be incapable of accomplishing your dream.

Christians refer to the “Triune God,” the “Trinity,” the “Three-in-One God” of Christianity: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit.

The first two examples, Father and Son, are understandable in our limited minds. But the third form of God, the Holy Spirit, is beyond our ability to fully understand.

Although the three are all present when the other two are mentioned, the Holy Spirit, the “Enabler,” is — like God — not visible.

It is he who carries out or empowers the work to be done. When God wants to accomplish his work through us, it is the Holy Spirit who enables us to succeed. The Spirit is the teacher when God wants us to learn about him.

When there is a difficult act to be done, God calls upon his spirit to accomplish it.

It is the power of the spirit that gives us that strength, that patience, that endurance, that love and compassion to accomplish the task he has laid out for us to do.

The Holy Spirit does not make us do God. He empowers and enables us to do those God-pleasing things. He is the Enabler of God, and we benefit from his power, his wisdom and his understanding every time we ask for it.

• Jim Bush, a chaplain, lives in Tracy. He can be reached at

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June 21, 2013
No offense to Jim or anyone who believes in a higher power but what exactly does the Holy Spirit have to do with not having the training, experience, knowledge, physical strength, health, or intelligence to achieve a goal?

Sorry, but unless someone has a mental or physical disability they were born with or develop due to no fault of their own, all of the things Jim mentions can be overcome without relying on the aid of a higher power. Granted, regardless of how hard someone works not everyone can become Einstein or an elite athlete but to me it's best to rely on oneself before relying on others or God to get you through life.

I can't imagine blaming a failure in life on a lack of faith. When I fail or when I succeeed it's because of one person and that's the guy I see in the mirror everyday.

"Without the proper tools, you’d be incapable of accomplishing your dream"

Agreed. Study harder, work harder in the gym, eat right, listen and learn from those who have already walked the path you want to go down, be disciplined, stay focused, be humble and accept help from others when it's offered, but don't rely on others as a crutch, believe in the power within your body & mind

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