Officials urge residents to avoid bite
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More mosquitoes are expected to buzz around San Joaquin County during the next couple of weeks, increasing the chances for the blood-sucking insects to spread disease.

In a press release from the San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District, entomologist Shaoming Huang said mosquito populations are expected to increase due to warmer temperatures and longer days.

“Mosquito numbers can remain low and then suddenly spike in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

He urged that people remove small areas of standing water, which can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Vector control spokesman Aaron Devencenzi said water found in containers, old tires, buckets and wheel-barrows, among other property items, should be dumped out. Neglected swimming pools can also be a place that allows mosquitoes to multiply, he said.

The insects are known to spread West Nile virus — one in five persons who are infected with West Nile virus will experience headache, fever and fatigue, while less than 1 percent of total cases develop a fatal neuroinvasive form of the fever that attacks the brain and spinal cord.

No human in San Joaquin County has been reportedly infected with the virus in 2013.

In addition to removing standing water, Devencenzi said some forms of prevention include the use of repellants and using mosquito-eating fish in ponds, ditches and fountains.

To learn more about vector control activities in the county, visit the district website at

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April 22, 2013
Already been bit twice which is unusual seeing that last year I wasn't bitten once. Make sure if you own dogs, like I do, their Heart worm tests are current and they take they have preventative medications. Might be a bad year for Heart Worm and West Nile Virus.

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