No injuries in Monday shooting
by Bob Brownne
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One man was charged with battery and police are looking for two other men allegedly involved in a shooting at Carl’s Jr. around 10:10 p.m. Monday, July 1.

Sgt. Steve Beukelman of the Tracy Police Department said Tuesday, July 2, that investigators found shell casings in the parking lot of Carl’s Jr., 2380 W. Grant Line Road, and that when officers arrived, they detained five people at gunpoint.

One man was allegedly holding a crowbar, according to the police dispatch log.

At the scene, Amandeep Khalsa, 20, of Union City, was arrested and charged with brandishing a weapon.

Officers cited him at police headquarters and released him.

According to Beukelman, one man was beat up when he allegedly confronted a group of men who he believed had stolen his green Ford Mustang during a carjacking in Alameda County. The sergeant was unclear about when that alleged incident happened.

The victim had found his car listed for sale on the Internet and called the seller to arrange a meeting at Carl’s Jr.

Police received an initial call about two men fighting and then a second call about two cars converging on the scene and the occupants beating up one man, Beukelman said.

Three gunshots were allegedly heard by a witness, and a man was seen with “blood all over,” the police log states.

The police log states that a gun was seen on the ground at the scene, but Beukelman said police did not recover a weapon. Investigators did collect an undisclosed number of shell casings.

Beukelman said the victim had other people with him but did not know how many.

According to a witness report, the alleged shooter had a handgun and is a heavyset Hispanic man who was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The suspected carjacker is described as a black man, 5-foot-9 and 165 pounds.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the alleged auto theft, Beukelman said. He added that the victim got his car back.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact Tracy Crime Stoppers. Anonymous tips can be made by calling 831-4847; texting TIPTPD to 274637 with the tip; or submitting an online form at

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July 03, 2013

According to a witness report, the alleged shooter had a handgun and is a heavyset Hispanic man who was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt. The suspected carjacker is described as a black man, 5-foot-9 and 165 pounds.

It figures.

July 03, 2013
PublicCitizen, you are a sad, sad little man (or woman). I pray that you have not placed the curse on this world of producing offspring, and if so, have at least had sense enough to let someone else take on the parental responsibilities. The concept of keeping your thoughts to yourself seems to be lost, and you continue to show every one of us how truly uncouth, ignorant, and unenlightened you are. I'd make a comment about the Tracy Press banning your vitriol, but then I welcome the opportunity for people like you to expose yourselves as the wisdom-free people you really are. Please crawl back under your rock.

And for what it's worth, I am not a minority, and I am sure I speak for at least 95% of the readers on this site.
July 03, 2013

First, you don't "speak" for me.

Second, I think there is a bit of social truth behind what PublicCitizen says.

Third, you say you aren't a "minority." Really? Are you sure? Many demographics exist to measure or categorize people. You many be a minority in one demographic, but not in another.

Which demographic are you referring to?

Fourth, your response to P.C. was rather "uncouth," as well, but I get it.
July 03, 2013

While I agree that there may be a slight bit of truth based on crime statistics, Mr. or Mrs. Citizen makes the same copy & paste comment EVERY TIME there is a statement as to the suspect's race. However, when there is mention of other crimes, such as a local white realtor scamming the public and leaving town, or a banker embezzling funds, I see no such comment this person. In my mind, the comments he/she posts are of a racially charged nature, and serve no purpose other than to inflame people.

I was always taught that if you have nothing to say of a socially redeeming nature, then it's best to keep your thoughts to yourself. Just my $.02, and this is after all, a comments section, so we are all free to express ourselves.

To answer your third question, I'm an Irish-Italian male, with an African-American fiance. So in some ways, I suppose you're right, I am a minority. I will leave it at that.
July 03, 2013

Your veracity is appreciated. On my block, I am one resident whose yard seems to meet a particular aesthetic/tidy standard (yes, as determined by me), so, in a sense, I am a minority in this particular, small category.

Without over-hubris, I seem to be a minority in many social categories.

July 02, 2013

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