Leaf pickup begins
by TP staff
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Leaf pickup begins
The city of Tracy began collecting leaves from local streets this week, such as this pile in front of a house on Beverly Place on Tuesday, Nov. 26. Leaf collection continues through the first week of January on residents’ usual trash pickup days.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Crews started picking up leaves on city streets Monday, Nov. 25, and will continue through the first week of January in an effort to keep gutters and storm drains clear during winter months.

Jennifer Cariglio, a management analyst with the public works department, said crews from Tracy Delta Disposal will pick up leaf piles on the street during regular trash collection days each week until Jan. 11.

The street leaf collection is in addition to the biweekly collection of yard waste in brown totes, which Cariglio urged residents to fill first.

“We still ask residents to use the yard waste bins for leaves and any excess to go in the street for pickup,” Cariglio said.

Crews will not pick up tree trimmings or branches.

Cariglio said totes are preferred for leaf collection, because if too many leaves are placed on the street, Tracy’s windy weather could spread them to the gutters and storm drains, causing localized flooding.

“Leaves can clog storm drains if they are in the gutters,” Cariglio said. “Please help keep the gutters clear.”

During Tracy’s first major rainstorm of the season Nov. 20, the rain washed fallen leaves into storm drains along downtown streets.

City crews used brooms and rakes to clear the blockages as some streets partially flooded.

Cariglio asked that residents place leaves only on the asphalt and keep them well clear of concrete gutters.

The piles can be any size, she said. Tracy Delta Disposal will use a tractor to scoop up the leaves for collection.

Cariglio said pickup crews may run late during storms and asked residents to be patient and give them at least to the end of the week to catch up.

Tracy residents whose leaves are not picked up can call Tracy Delta Disposal at 835-0601 or public works at 831-6300.

Mountain House residents should collect fallen leaves in their brown yard waste bins, which will be collected weekly instead of biweekly through Jan. 17. Leaves may not placed in the street. Details about leaf collection can be found on the Mountain House Community Services District website, www.mhcsd.com

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