Indoor shooting range to open on 11th Street
by Glenn Moore
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On target
Tracy Rifle and Pistol owner Mike Baryla discusses the new indoor Tracy Shooting Range opening May 13 at 7601 W. 11th St. Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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Shooting enthusiasts will have new range to test their marksmanship when Tracy Rifle and Pistol opens a new indoor shooting range at 7601 W. 11th St. on May 13.

Tracy Rifle and Pistol owner Mike Baryla is moving his firearms shop at 2726 Naglee Road to the 11th Street site where he will double his retail space and add the indoor range.

“It was the next logical step — we’re always looking to grow and expand,” Baryla said. “We kind of reached our limit at the old place. We’re pretty packed.”

The new Tracy Rifle and Pistol store will occupy 11,100-square-foot space that once housed a beauty supply warehouse, barber shop and nail salon. Baryla bought the building in August and had the interior redesigned to include a 4,500-square-foot indoor shooting range.

“There’s kind of a niche in the market here. There’s nothing around,” he said. “That was kind of the reason I opened in Tracy — initially the gun shop, and this just the logical progression.”

The indoor shooting facility is one of two in San Joaquin County. The other is the Barnwood Arms in Ripon.

The range will have 10 shooting stations with a maximum distance of 25 yards from the shooter. Handguns and rifles up to .308 caliber will be allowed. No shotguns will be allowed in the shooting range.

The walls and ceiling of the range are made of AR500 ballistic plates to contain any stray bullets, while the ballistic steel and 60,000 pounds of shredded tires will catch bullets at the end of the shooting range.

“No matter what the weather is, you can shoot. You’re limited with range a little bit at 25 yards, but for handguns it’s fine or plinking with rifles,” Baryla said.

A motorized track at each station moves the targets toward and away from the shooter. Adjustable LED lighting, air conditioning and heating ducts at each station are designed to make the range more comfortable, Baryla said. A custom ventilation system exhausts smoke and gunpowder residue out of the range.

The range should appeal to target shooters, Baryla said, but the main group he expects to see is new shooters who can use the indoor range to find out what a firearm feels like. The shop will have some handguns and rifles that customers can rent to use in the range.

“We will have a good selection of handguns and rifles for people to try,” Baryla said. “It’s really hard to describe in words the feeling of firing a gun in different calibers. It’s a lot easier to show them.”

Baryla also had a classroom built and has plans for firearms classes starting near the end of summer, including concealed carry, advanced firearms and classes for women.

“It is kind of unique around here to do all the classroom portions of a class and the shooting in one building,” Baryla said. “You can take the concepts you learn in the classroom right to the range without forgetting anything, so you can apply them right away.”

Baryla said he has partnered with Wartac CQC, a company that provides law enforcement, military and civilian firearms training, to teach the concealed carry and advanced classes.

Use of the range is $15 per person per hour. Gun rentals are $10. Anyone who wants to use the shooting range has to watch a video describing the rules and safety requirements and sign a waiver, either online at or at the Tracy Rifle and Pistol shop.

The retail store and range will be open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday beginning May 13.

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May 06, 2014
Not sure what the concern is regarding the 30 spaces. Have any of you been to Barnwood Arms, the other shooting range in the county? They have a lot less than 30 spaces and they're a popular store.

The new tracy location has 10 stations, according to the story. That's 10 cars, at most. Do you suppose this store will have 20 other customers there shopping at the same time? Hint: it ain't Bass Pro Shops over in Manteca.
May 03, 2014
Mr. Baryla. Good luck and I hope your business is a success !

May 02, 2014
So, DunkMan, your point is based on your faith in the city planners? Hilarious. This will be only one of two indoor ranges in all of SJ county and you think there's enough parking because the city thinks so? LOL ok, I'll look for ya trying to find a spot to park on a weekend morning or in the evenings. Good luck buddy.
May 02, 2014
Why are you spouting such negative comments about a successful entrepreneur who moved from a crowded strip mall with extremely limited parking to a larger facility that he has purchased that has over 30 parking spots just for his own customers. You sound like some bleeding heart eastern establishment liberal woman who wants government to do everything your way.

Again, I ask you to tell us just how much parking this store should have, and since you are so concerned, tell us who at the City you have complained to.
May 02, 2014
I feel sorry for your wife DunkMan. You'd probably enjoy a dinner with Donald Sterling as I associate your gender biased rant with his same toxic comments.
May 02, 2014
What is your problem? I was just trying to get her to respond to my questions.
May 02, 2014
I drove by the new location yesterday and thought to myself, "As popular as this place is going to be, parking is going to be a serious problem."

...just a single small parking lot that's boxed in and nowhere on street for overflow (because 11th street at this location is more like a highway than a street). The new Chevron going in next door isn't going to like people parking in their lot either.

Hope it works out...
May 02, 2014
A quick glance at the location shows about 30 parking spots. I suspect that the business had to show adequate parking when they received their permits and licenses, and I suspect that the number of parking spots had to meet all City requirements at the time the building was originally approved for construction a few years ago.

How many parking spots do you think they need and have you shared your opinion with the City, or do you just like to complain?

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