Breaking News: Tracy High evacuated for bomb threat
by TP staff
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Bomb scare
Tracy High School students wait at Lincoln Park after the school campus was evacuated when a bomb threat was discovered written on a boy’s bathroom wall on Wednesday, March 13.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
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A bomb threat at Tracy High School has prompted an evacuation of the campus.

A message was found at 2:18 p.m. Wednesday, March 13, written in pencil in a boy’s bathroom on the campus at 315 E. 11th St., according to Tracy Unified School District spokeswoman Jessica Cardoza.

She said all students were being evacuated to Lincoln Park, while the Tracy Police Department clears the campus and investigates the threat.

Lincoln Park is located next to the Tracy Public Library at 20 E. Eaton Ave.

According to Cardoza, police don’t believe the message is “credible,” but she said that schools in the district “have to treat every threat as a credible threat.”

A recording was sent from the district office to parents as early as 2:30 p.m. stating that students can be picked up at Lincoln Park. Students who ride buses will be picked up at their normal time on their normal route.

Students who walk home will be released from the park at 3 p.m.

“Students are safe and are with district staff,” the recording stated.

Cardoza said at 6:30 p.m. that police were still checking the school, but that classes are expected to resume on a regular schedule Thursday, March 14.

She also said that this threat could have something to do with rumors at Kimball High School this week that there might be a shooting planned at the 3200 Jaguar Run campus.

She said earlier in the week that the rumors at Kimball were unfounded.

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March 14, 2013
Ya know what's funny? That's not even the worst false alarm that's happened, or should I say "is constantly happening." It seems like every other day we get a false fire alarm because the system is completely broken. We got another one on the same day as the threat during 1st period, and another one today. They happen so often that nobody even reacts to them anymore. It's getting ridiculous, everyone considers it more of an annoyance than anything, when it's supposed to be there to save our freaking lives! WTH, Tracy High, seriously?
March 14, 2013
kimball is getting evacuated right now!
March 14, 2013
If only "ALL" students were evacuated. My daughter, her teacher and classmates were left(forgotten)in their classroom. I understand the excitement and overwhelming stress on school staff and our city police officers but there is absolutely no excuse for any student to be left behind. These students were scared and confused and wondering why they weren't escorted out with all other students. Perhaps school officials need to review evac plan! Concerned mom.
March 14, 2013
I agree...what a looser punk this person(s)is. My daughter could not get to her car until 8:30ish..the police would not release any cars in the "box" parking lot...she has two tests today and her study info was in her car. She was up very late last night trying to study. I hope the figure out who is responsible and throw the book at them. This stuff is so childish and immature...hard to believe a high school kid is still this much of a looser!
March 14, 2013
I'm sure the apologist will say, oh this was just an innocent prank, but if the idiot who made the threat is found, regardless of age file domestic terrorism charges. Make the parents reimburse the city & school district for all expenses incurred to deal with the threat, then make them go around to every parent of a child at the school and apologize face to face for the acts of their little terrorist.

March 13, 2013
I went to Tracy High when I was in High School and I remember getting bomb threats some what frequently, and that was the late 80's. At least they take them to the park and not the football field. That never made any sense to me at all. I am glad everyone is ok.
March 13, 2013
This is really sad that our kids are going through this

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