Avalanche wins at Cabernet
by Tracy Press staff
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The Tracy Avalanche under-10 girls soccer team played its first two games of playoffs in the Cabernet Indoor Soccer facility in Livermore on Saturday, March 31.

The Avalanche first beat the Livermore All Stars 9-2. The Avalanche took a 5-0 lead before the All Stars answered with two goals just before the half time. The Avalanche went on to score four goals in the second half to win the game 9-2 and advance to the championship game.

Talia Contreras and Isabella Saavedra each scored two goals, Brianna Herren scored one and had three assists. Herren played goalie in the second half and made nine saves. Allejandra Perea also scored a goal, and played goalie and for the first half and made nine saves. Jaden Hall, Isabella Pahulu and Jasmine Cochiaosue also scored goal. Abigale Hamer, Ayana Barroso, Ellie Davis, and Kristiana Vierra played defense.

The Avalanche won the championship game 5-1 against the Pleasanton Rage Boomerangs. The Boomerangs played four forwards and only one defender, and play a very physical style. The Avalanche responded with superior ball control and speed on the outside.

Brianna Herren, Isabella Pahulu, Jaden Hall, Jazmin Saavedra, and Allejandra Perea all scored goals for the Avalanche. Allejandra Perea played goalie the first half and made nine saves, and Brianna Herren played goalie the second half and made nine saves.

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