Ask train questions now
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The ACEforward July 30 public meeting in Tracy is a very good example of good agency outreach and city leader involvement. Now is the perfect time for these leaders to continue reaching out and really find out what the current users — and, to the extent possible, future users — of the system really want and need as services expand.

I recommend the city of Tracy and ACE management ask the people of Tracy a series of questions, and also do their own traffic studies. Ask these questions: In which part of Tracy do you currently live? How far do you currently travel from your home to the ACE station? What method of transportation do you currently use to travel to and from the station? Would you prefer a station in downtown Tracy (the intersection of Central Boulevard and Sixth Street) or a station at its current location (Tracy Boulevard and Linne Road)? What activities do you take part on weekday evenings? How often would you eat a meal in a local restaurant, or shop, if the station were in downtown Tracy instead of the current location? Would you be willing to accept an increase in your train commute time in exchange for a station move from its current location to downtown Tracy? Would you prefer a TRACER shuttle between the current ACE station and downtown Tracy, or move the station downtown?

In order to serve the people and optimize our scarce resources, city and agency leaders need to reach out now.

Tom Loomis, Tracy

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