Self-Defense Tips
by LazerBrite
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Many newspaper headlines tell us how dangerous the world is. People get hurt or die, and sometimes in ways that could have been avoided with a little bit of self-defense knowledge. Not everyone has time to take a martial arts class, but it is still a good idea to have some rudimentary ideas of self-defense. Here are some tips on staying safe, and how to defend yourself if needed.

1.     Make noise. This may not seem like a self-defense tip, but it is. Scream and yell as loudly as possible if someone tries to attack. This brings unwanted attention on the attacker, and can make them run away, as well as draw people who can help to your position.

2.     Move as much as possible. Squirm, bite, kick, run, and simply move as much as possible. Other methods, such as suddenly dropping if an attacker is holding you, can also be very effective.

3.     Punch properly. Make sure to always have your thumb outside of your fist, and try to hit with your first two knuckles. Be advise: punching will hurt your hand as well, so try to be prepared for that.

4.     Aim for the sensitive areas. Eyes, nose, throat, groin, stomach, and even the toes can be great places to hit and kick. These can be painful enough to get the attacker to stop, and this gives you time to try and get away.

5.     Carry a small self defense tool, like a tactical flashlight, pepper spray, keys, pocket knife, and so on. Having a small tool like this can be very beneficial to warding off an attacker.

Hopefully these tips will help people stay safe. In addition, be sure to tell others where you are going, and to have a cell phone ready, just in case.

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